COEH Identity Resources

The logos and graphics below are provided by COEH for use by faculty, students, and staff for posters, flyers, and web use. If you have specific questions or requests, contact Shizuka Kuroiwa at

Web/screen Images
These are in jpeg format and are of a reasonable size/resolution of web use or in powerpoint presentations. The larger logo image would be acceptable for print use scaled to three inches high or less.

Vector images
These images are scalable with no loss in quality. The emf format is importable into MS Office as well as Adobe Illustrator. This will look "jaggy" on screen, and is not recommended for use in powerpoint files -- but should reproduce flawlessly in print.

Download the graphics below by right-clicking on the desired file and choosing "save as" or "save target as."

color_logo_small.gif color_logo_med.jpg color_logo_large.jpg


bw_logo_small.gif bw_logo_med.jpg bw_logo_large.jpg bw_logo_vector.emf
Download them all here:

The COEH logo font is Frutiger LT Standard 45 Light, and is used for the logo only. Other typefaces that COEH use are:

News Gothic Family is the sans serif face used in the logo and headlines for Bridges and other COEH promotional materials. Originally designed in 1908 by Morris Fuller Benton for American Typefounders, for much of the twentieth century News Gothic was used in newspaper and magazine publishing. Notably, News Gothic was also the official typeface of the Swedish pop Group ABBA.

Above: Palatino's Interrobang

Palatino Linotype is used by COEH as a body text for Bridges, as well as brochures and promotional materials. Based on the humanist faces of the Italian Renaissance, Palatino was designed by Hermann Zapf for Linotype in 1948. Thought the letterforms are inspired by caligraphic strokes, they have larger proportions that give them improved legibility. Palatino is one of the few fonts that contains an interrobang (a character that is a combination of question and exclamation marks)

Under the licencing restrictions, COEH may not distribute these typefaces, but all of them may be purchased for group or individual use through linotype