About COEH

The Northern California Center for Occupational and Environmental Health (COEH), a multidisciplinary program of the University of California at Berkeley, Davis, and San Francisco, promotes health and safety in workplaces and communities by:

  • Educating health professionals in epidemiology, ergonomics, industrial hygiene, medicine, nursing, toxicology, and related fields to be leaders in occupational and environmental health.
  • Developing new knowledge through an interdisciplinary research agenda focused on preventing illness and injury.
  • Responding to the needs of people affected by hazards in their workplaces or communities, with special attention to vulnerable populations.

Through these activities COEH supports federal, state, and local agencies, health and safety professionals, industry, labor, and community-based organizations in their efforts to prevent occupational and environmental disease and injury.

COEH is an Education and Research Center (ERC) of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

Bridges Staff

COEH Bridges is published by the Center for Occupational and Environmental Health

Editorial Board:
John Balmes, Robin Baker, Patty Quinlan, Robert Spear

Managing Editor: Robin Baker
Writer: Maureen Jerrett
Design: Shizuka Kuroiwa

Contact Information:
Fax: (510) 642-5815

COEH Directors

Director: John R. Balmes
Deputy Director: Patty Quinlan
Director of Research to Practice: Robin Baker

Program Directors:
• Occupational and Environmental
Health Nursing, UCSF: Oisaeng Hong
• Occupational and Environmental
Medicine, UCSF: Gina Solomon & Stephen Born
• Public Health Sciences, UCD:
Marc B. Schenker
• Biological and Agricultural
Engineering, UCD: Fadi Fathallah
• Industrial Hygiene, UCB: Mark Nicas
• International Occupational and
Environmental Health: Kirk R. Smith
• Occupational and Environmental
Epidemiology: Ellen Eisen
• Ergonomics: David Rempel
• COEH Community Services/LOHP:
Michael Wilson
• Continuing Education: Barbara Plog