r2p Workshop - The Hard to Reach in Hard Hats

Photo: 2012 Lela Morris Symposium

Construction workers are the Hard to Reach in Hard Hats. The June 2012 r2p Workshop on Research Translation with Vulnerable Worker Populations explores turning science and research into practical solutions. The r2p workshop is featured in this summer edition of Bridges.

Robin Baker painted a vivid picture of the health and safety disparities in the construction industry during her workshop in June 2012, The Hard to Reach in Hard Hats: A Research to Practice Initiative. Baker, director of Research-to-Practice for COEH and CPWR (The Center for Construction Research and Training), joined a panel of experts invited to Fort Collins by Colorado State University to accelerate research translation with vulnerable worker populations.

Construction remains the most dangerous industry in the United States. Employing only 8% of the workforce, it accounts for 22% of all work-related deaths and approximately 400,000 occupational injuries annually.1 Construction-related fatalities and injuries have declined significantly in recent years, however, partly due to the research programs of the National Institute of Safety and Health (NIOSH). read more

Hertz-Picciotto Uncovers Environmental Clues to Autism

Photo: Hertz-Picciotto Uncovers Environmental Clues to Autism

Autism rose roughly six hundred percent in California among children up to five years of age from 1990 to 2001, a seven-fold increase. Scientists now estimate it affects one in 88 eight year olds in the United States, with boys up to five times more vulnerable than girls. Diagnosis at younger ages, the inclusion of milder cases in the definition of the disorder, and improved diagnostics account for approximately a third of the growth, but other explanations remain elusive. read more

Richmond field Station Expansion Offers Bright Future for COEH Researchers

Photo: Richmond field Station Expansion Offers Bright Future for COEH Researchers

The University of California’s Richmond Field Station (RFS) has been a hub of research and innovation for COEH members for over a quarter of a century. Though founding Director Bob Spear recognized the value of the campus early on, the announcement in January 2012 that Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) and UC Berkeley picked RFS as the site of its second campus presents opportunities for new collaborations and a significant investment in services and resources. read more