Awards and Announcements:

Solomon’s Dual Recognition

Photo: Gina Solomon
Gina Solomon

COEH faculty Gina Solomon, deputy secretary for science and health at the California Environmental Protection Agency and clinical professor in the UCSF School of Medicine, received an Essential Core Teaching Award (ECTA) for her outstanding teaching contribution.

Based solely on student nominations, the award gives first and second year medical students the opportunity to recognize outstanding instructors who have made a difference in their medical education. Solomon, who helped teach the Environmental Health and Social Justice elective to medical, nursing, and pharmacy students, was selected from a total of 115 faculty nominated for the 2014/2015 academic year.

Solomon also received the 2015 Faculty Sustainability Award at the fifth annual ceremony hosted by the UCSF Advisory Committee on Sustainability. The committee recognized Solomon for her passion and dedication to education and research in environmental health, climate change, and policy, acknowledging, “She has gone above and beyond the duties of her position at UCSF to integrate environmental sustainability into existing campus programs.” According to the committee, her faculty sponsorship helped restart the environmental health elective course focused on social equity, environmental health, and greening healthcare.

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