Awards and Announcements:

Strozier’s OSHA Nursing Internship Opportunity

Photo: Stephanie Strozier
Stephanie Strozier

Stephanie Strozier, a first year UCSF OEHN student, was one of three winners of a 2016 OSHA graduate nurse internship at OSHA’s Office of Occupational Medicine and Nursing in Washington, D.C. The goal of the eight week program is to “develop a cadre of occupational health nurses with experience in occupational health and safety policy and regulatory affairs at the national level.” The interns were chosen for their academic excellence, qualifications, and experience. ‘This is a great honor for Stephanie and wonderful news for UCSF’s School of Nursing,” said OiSaeng Hong, director, Occupational and Environmental Health Nursing Program, UCSF.


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