Minkler Honored for Leadership in Community-Based Participatory Research

Photo: Meredith Minkler
Meredith Minkler

COEH faculty Meredith Minkler received the 2013 Tisch Research Prize from the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service at Tufts University. Each year, Tisch College awards the Tisch Research Prize to “recognize a career of academic research on issues related to active citizenship.”

A professor of health and social behavior in the UC Berkeley School of Public Health, “Minkler co-edited the first major book and led several seminal studies using community-based participatory research (CPBR) in health and directed a national study of the impact of CBPR on public policy.” The award from Tufts acknowledges the importance of the collaborative CPBR project in San Francisco’s Chinatown community.

In November, Minkler gave a public lecture at Tufts Medical School and was given the award by the University president.

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