COEH Summer Institute Course Focuses on Human Factors & Technology Research

“When Technology and Ergonomics Collide” was the theme of a new course offered by COEH’s Summer Institute held in Oakland, California, on July 31, 2013.

Technology constantly changes, yet product upgrades designed to improve the user experience sometimes hurt productivity rather than enhance it. The course, directed by Ira Janowitz, addressed how ergonomic professionals assist organizations to avoid problems before product roll-out. Usability testing and human-impact assessments are just some of the ways ergonomists identify issues and present solutions to optimize performance.

Janowitz is an ergonomics consultant with the University of California’s Ergonomics program. Guest speakers included experts from COEH’s Ergonomics program, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Genentech, and Synaptics.

Other courses presented during the COEH Summer Institute include Advanced Lab Safety, Environmental and Occupational Toxicology, Fundamentals of Workplace Safety, and Understanding NFPA 70E, 2012 Edition.

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