A Collaborative Study of Women Fire Fighters and Breast Cancer

Photo: COEH faculty member Rachel Morello-Frosch’s chemical exposure and breast cancer study targets San Francisco’s female fire fighters.
COEH faculty member Rachel Morello-Frosch’s chemical exposure and breast cancer study targets San Francisco’s female fire fighters.

With 225 women on the force, the San Francisco Fire Department stands out as a leader in the nation for recruiting females in a field vastly under-represented by women. But within this tight community, leaders from the United Fire Service Women and the San Francisco Firefighters Cancer Prevention Foundation recently became concerned about a perceived increased risk of pre-menopausal breast cancer among its ranks. read more

Smoking Prevalence Drops as Wages Rise

Photo: Smoking Prevalence Drops as Wages Rise

A new study from UC Davis finds wage increases are associated with lower smoking prevalence, particularly for male workers and those with a high school education or less. read more

Alumnae Shine in Academia

Photo: Alumnae Shine in Academia

COEH graduates pursue many career paths in public health, yet three leaders are closing the gender-gap for women in the field of academia. read more

Winter 2015-2016 Bridges stories:

Letter from the Director

Reviewing this issue of Bridges, it strikes me that it does a great job of highlighting the impressive contributions of women. read more

LOHP Promotes Total Worker Health™

LOHP offered an introduction to the new Total Worker Health™ (TWH) initiative at COEH’s 2015 Summer Institute in July 2015. A relatively new concept introduced by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, TWH integrates workplace injury and illness prevention programs with workplace health promotion. read more

Muscuoskeletal Injury Prevention: A New Digital Story Series Educates Dental Hygienists

For dental hygienists, spending hours treating patients in a stooped posture while forcefully gripping hand tools can aggravate muscles and joints of the back, neck, shoulder, arm, and hand. If ignored, occasional symptoms of stiffness and pain may lead to career-ending chronic injury, according to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). read more

Roadmap Breaks New Ground

Ambitious academics equate success with publishing breakthrough research in peer-reviewed journals. “Publish or perish,” the saying goes. Yet funders, such as NIOSH and CPWR – The Center for Construction Research and Training, which serves as NIOSH’s National Construction Center, increasingly emphasize how research needs to reach the hands of real-world end-users. read more

Environmental Research Center Awarded to COEH Faculty at UC Davis

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) awarded COEH faculty Irva-Hertz Picciotto and Kent Pinkerton a 5-year, $8 million grant to fund the new UC Davis Environmental Health Center. The center joins a network of 21 federally funded core centers tasked with addressing the nation’s most pressing environmental health issues. read more

Investigating Health Issues in a Global Context

Every summer COEH graduate students step out of the classroom and into the field to collect data for their thesis projects. Many travel to foreign continents for the first time – enhancing their understanding of how cultural, social, and environmental factors play into global health. read more

Asa Bradman Appointed Chair of Biomonitoring California’s Scientific Guidance Panel

COEH faculty affiliate Asa Bradman from the UC Berkeley School of Public Health became chair of Biomonitoring California’s Scientific Guidance Panel (SGP) effective November 2015. read more

Navarro Goes into the Wild to Measure Firefighters’ Exposure to PAHs

By anyone’s standards, Kathleen Navarro a PhD student in the UC Berkeley Industrial Hygiene program, has gone to extraordinary lengths in recent months to collect field data for her PhD thesis. read more

OHIP Project with the National Guestworker Alliance Aids Shipyard Workers

The Occupational Health Internship Program (OHIP) expanded its reach to New Orleans this past summer with the first-ever study of hazards facing Latino immigrant workers employed in the shipyards of southeastern Louisiana. read more

COEH Loses Friend, Dr. Julia Quint, Occupational and Environmental Health Leader

Dr. Julia Quint, one of the Bay Area’s most respected public health advocates, passed away on November 14, 2015, at age 75. read more

LOHP Promotes Workplace Safety for Teens

One hundred teens in Berkeley and San Francisco have taken part in the Labor Occupational Health Program’s (LOHP) new Teens Lead @ Work project, an innovative health and safety training initiative launched in June 2015 designed for young workers ages 14-17. read more

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