Kirk Smith Brings Global Attention to the Effects of Solid Fuel Use on Health and Climate Change

In the mid 1980s household biomass fuel use was identified as the most important global occupational health issue by the United Nations Environment Programme. In 1992 the World Bank named it one of the four most important environmental hazards in the world. Today, despite continuing evidence of damaging effects on health and climate change, three billion people ― almost half of the world's population ― rely on solid fuels for cooking and heating. (read more)

Mobile Phone Software Helps Monitor Drinking Water in Haiti

David Holstius is piloting the deployment of mobile phone software to monitor safe water, encouraging Haitians to disinfect drinking water with chlorine. (read more)

Ergonomic Drill Solution Piloted at California Memorial Stadium

A research team led by David Rempel pilots a new solution for drilling into concrete during the seismic upgrade of Memorial Stadium. (read more)