LOHP Leads Workshop at OHS Conference in Asia

ANROAV annual conference in Bandung, Indonesia (Photo courtesy of LOHP)

Robin Dewey and Laura Stock, program coordinators from the Labor Occupational Health Program (LOHP) at UC Berkeley, presented an electronics hazards workshop at the Asia Network for the Rights of Occupational Accident Victims (ANROAV) annual conference held in Bandung, Indonesia.

Attending the two-day workshop were more than 25 delegates from China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, the Philippines, Thailand and the United States.

Assisting Dewey and Stock were Ted Smith, co-founder of the International Campaign for Responsible Technology and Garrett Brown, a member of COEH's Advisory Committee. Brown is a compliance safety and health officer for the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health and coordinator of the Maquiladora Health and Safety Support Network (MHSSN).

ANROAV is a coalition dedicated to occupational health and safety in Asia. It includes more than 20 trade unions, injured workers' groups, and community and labor rights groups in 14 Asian countries with affiliated members in Europe and the United States. ANROAV was formed in 1997 after industrial disasters in Kader and Zhili, where over 250 workers were killed.

Participants at the event adopted a comprehensive declaration calling for improved working conditions in job sites across Asia.

Story adapted from "Border/Line Health & Safety" newsletter, MHSSN.

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