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Global Health & Environment

Children in rural ChinaCOEH is committed to the education of students and scholars from developing countries and, increasingly, faculty and students are engaged in research projects with international dimensions. COEH administers a grant from the Fogarty Foundation which brings foreign scholars from China and India to study at Berkeley and enables Berkeley faculty to conduct workshops in those countries. A master's specialty in Health, Environment, and Development (HED) is offered at the Berkeley School of Public Health. For details, see their web site.

International Program Contact

UC Berkeley(MPH, MS, PhD)  

Administrative Contact:
Norma Firestone
510/ 643-5160 Fax: 510/ 642-5815

International Occupational & Environmental Health
c/o Environmental Health Sciences Division
University of California
School of Public Health
Berkeley, CA 94720-7360

Program Director
Kirk Smith, PhD