Campaign to Save the ERCs and Agricultural Centers

The President's newly released budget for fiscal year 2011/12 (referred to as FY2012) proposes eliminating all Education and Research Centers (ERCs) and Agricultural Health Centers (AHCs), of which the Center for Occupational and Environmental Health is one. This 2012 budget is not final and is being discussed now by the House of Representatives and the Senate before approval. However, there is a possibility that Congress, who is currently discussing cuts to the 2010/11 budget, may propose to implement some of these cuts for the current budget.

What can I do?

Write to the members of your congressional delegation, especially if they are on the Appropriations Committee or the LHHS subcommittee of Appropriations. Draft and sample letters can be downloaded here.

Join the Save the ERCs Facebook Group

Read the ERC Rebuttal to the proposed cuts and the ERC Justification Statement.


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