Patricia Quinlan, MPH, CIH

Julia Buss, RN, PhD

Deputy Director, COEH
Director, COEH Continuing Education
University of California, Berkeley
50 University Hall, Office 741
Berkeley, CA 94720-7360
Phone: 510-643-8000
Fax: 510-642-5815
Current Research Interests
The effects of shift work, long work hours and stress on health, obesity, health behaviors, and safety at work.
Key Publications
Buss J. (2012). Stress and weight gain among shift-working nurses. Workplace Health & Safety. 60(10):453-8. PMID:23054165

Hong O, Buss J, Thomas E. (2012).Type 2 diabetes and hearing loss. Diseasein-a-Month. 59(4):139-46. PMID: 23507353

Buss J, Epel E, Havel P, Lin J, Blackburn E, Daubenmier J. (2014). Associations of ghrelin with eating behaviors, stress, metabolic factors, and telomere length among overweight and obese women: Preliminary evidence of attenuated ghrelin effects in obesity? Appetite. 76:84-94. PMID: 24462487

Tomiyama AJ, Finch LE, Incollingo Belsky AC, Buss J, Finley C, Schwartz MB, & Daubenmier J. (2014). Weight Bias in 2001 versus 2013: Contradictory attitudes among obesity researchers and health professionals. Obesity. 23(1):46-53. PMID: 25294247

Incollingo Belsky AC, Finch LE, Buss J, Guardino CM, Tomiyama AJ. (2015). An experimental field study of weight salience and food choice. Appetite. 89:215-218. PMID: 25698080

1998 English Literature Award, Miami-Dade Community College
2000 Community Service Award, Brown University
Public and University Service
Volunteer research assistant and temporary employee for the Interdisciplinary Center for Healthy Workplaces, UC Berkeley, CA