Robin Baker, MPH

Robin Baker, MPH

Retired Director of Research to Practice (r2p)
COEH, School of Public Health
University of California
50 University Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-7360
(510) 643-8900 | fax (510) 642-5815

Current Interests

  • Promotion of evidence-based best practices in health and safety
  • Construction health and safety
  • Research and dissemination partnerships
  • Participatory interventions to address occupational health disparities; immigrant workers, young workers
Key Publications
  • Minker, M., Lee, P.T., Tom, A., Chang, C., Morales, A., Liu, S.S., Salvatore, A., Baker, R, Chen, F., Bhatia, R., & Krause, N. (2010). Using community-based participatory research to design and initiate a study on immigrant worker health and safety in San Francisco’s Chinatown Restaurants. American Journal of Industrial Medicine.
  • Bush, D., PLaeo, L., Baker, R, Dewey, R, et al. (2009 Supplement). Restaurant supervisor training: evaluating a small business training intervention. Public Health Reports, Vol. 124.
  • Lee, P, Krause N, Goetchius C, Argriesti JM, Baker R. (2008). Participatory Action Research with Room Cleaners in San Francisco and Las Vegas: From a Collaborative Study to the Bargaining Table in Minkler, M. and Wallerstein, N. (Eds.), Community Based Participatory Research: From Process to Outcomes (2nd ed.). Josey-Bass.
  • Teran, S., Strochlic, R., Bush, D., Baker, R., Meyer, J. (2008). Reaching teen farm workers with health and safety information: An evaluation of a high school ESL curriculum. Journal of Agriculture Safety and Health. 14(2): 147-162
  • Baker, R.(Winter 2007). Book review: Worker Safety Under Siege: Labor, Capital and the Politics of Workplace Safety in a Deregulated World (Morgensen, V. editor). Labor Studies Journal Vo. 31, No. 4: 79-80
  • Teran, S., Baker, R., El-Askari, E. (2007). Immigrant Workes in Construction: Sharing Lessons Learned in Our Unions, report for the Center for Construction Research and Training/ CPWR, Silver Spring, Maryland.
  • Baker, R., Stock, L. (2005, November). The role of labor unions in occupational and environmental health. In Levy et. al (Eds.) Occupational and environmental health: recognizing and preventing disease and injury (5th ed., Chapter 34). Philadelphia, PA.: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.
  • Baker, R. (2005). Occupational health and safety education. In Weeks, J., et al (Eds.), Preventing occupational disease and injury (2nd ed., Chapter 13). Washington, D.C.: American Public Health Association.
  • Hammond, K., Gold, E., Baker, R., et al. (2005, July). Respiratory health effects related to occupational spray painting and welding.  Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 47(7): 728-739.
  • Research to Action: Getting the Word Out and Making a Difference

Public and University Service

  • Director of several major projects, including: California Worker Occupational Safety and Health Training and Education Program; Working Immigrant Safety and Health (WISH) Coalition; National Young Worker Health and Safety Resource Center
  • NIOSH NORA II Sector Council, Retail and Wholesale Industries
  • Center to Protect Workers Rights, AFl-CIO Building Trades Division, Technical Advisory Board
  • Women's Committee Representative, University and College Labor Education Association, Professional Council
  • Technical Advisory Board, Center to Protect Workers Rights (AFL-CIO Building Trade