Robin D. Dewey, MPH

Robin D. Dewey, MPH

Coordinator of Public Programs
School of Public Health
Labor Occupational Health Program
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720-5120
510-642-2477 Fax: 510-643-5698
Current Research Interests

  • Occupational health and safety education and training
  • Occupational safety and health of workers with developmental disabilities
  • Effective health and safety programs for small businesses
  • Young worker health and safety

Key Publications

Taking Action for Safety and Health (2012), Dewey, R, Stock L, Chen H, guidebook and materials for small business owners and managers about effective injury and illness prevention programs.

Dewey, R, Promoting job safety for workers with intellectual disabilities: the Staying Safe at Work training curriculum, New Solutions, Vol. 21(4) 591-601, 2011.

Worker Occupational Safety and Health Specialist Course (2011), Dewey, R, Stock L, curriculum for teaching worker leaders about occupational safety and health and leadership skills.

School Action for Safety and Health (2010), Dewey, R, Chen H, Stock L, guidebook and curriculum for school district employees on how to develop an effective injury and illness prevention program. These materials have also been adapted for a national audience.

Staying Safe at Work (2009)Dewey, R, curriculum for teaching workers with developmental and intellectual disabilities about workplace health and safety.

Bush, D., Paleo, L., Baker, R, Dewey, R, et al. (2009 Supplement). Restaurant supervisor training: evaluating a small business training intervention. Public Health Reports, Vol. 124.

Lead-Related Construction Sampling Technician Course (2008), Dewey, R and Dionne L, model curriculum for use by California Department of Public Health-accredited training providers to teach students who want to become Sampling Technicians.

Youth @ Work: Talking Safety (2007), Bush, D., Dewey, R, national curriculum for teaching youth about occupational safety and health. This curriculum has been evaluated by NIOSH in 10 states. State-specific versions of the curriculum can be downloaded from NIOSH’s website at

Dewey, R. Promoting the Health and Safety of Individuals with Developmental Disabilities Employed in Mainstream Settings: Report and Recommendations to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (2006).

Wellman, H., Davis, L., Punnett, L., and Dewey, R., Work-Related Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (WR-CTS) in Massachusetts, 1992-1997: Source of WR-CTS, Outcomes and Employer Intervention Practices, American Journal of Industrial Medicine, Vol. 45, pp. 139-152, 2004.

Working Lead-Safe: A Lead-related Construction Work Course (2004), Dewey, R, Dionne, L, model curriculum for use by California Department of Health Services accredited training providers in teaching the 24-hour lead worker certification course.


• 2009 Volunteer of the Year, Special Olympics of Northern California
• 2007 Annual Recognition Award, Yolo County SELPA Community Advisory Committee


President, Team Davis Local Support Fund – all volunteer non-profit organization that provides athletic, social and recreational activities for individuals with disabilities in Yolo County.