Laurel Beckett

Laurel A. Beckett, PhD

School of Medicine
Dept. of Public Health Sciences
Head, Division of Biostatistics
University of California
Davis, CA 95616-8638
Diviision of Biostatistics Profile
Current Research Interests
• Longitudinal studies (statistical methodology)
• Population-based studies
• Statistical methods for epidemiology
Key Publications
• Beckett LA, Brock DB, Lemke JH, et al. 1996. Analysis of Change in Self-Reported Physical Function Among Older Persons in Four Population Studies. American Journal of Epidemiology 143:766-78.
• Beckett LA, Diaconis PW. 1994. Spectral Analysis for Discrete Longitudinal Data. Advances in Mathematics 103:107-28.
• Beckett LA, Rosner B, Roche A, Guo S. 1992. Serial Changes in Blood Pressures from Adolescence into Adulthood." American Journal of Epidemiology 135:1166-77.
• Beckett LA, Scherr PA, Evans DA. 1992. Population Prevalence Estimates from Complex Samples. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology 45:393-402.
• Smith L, Sielken R. 1988. Bootstrap Bounds for 'Safe' Doses in the Multistage Model. Communications in Statistics, Simulation and Computation 17:153-75.
• Graduate and undergraduate statistics courses
• Biostatistics and Epidemiology
Public and University Service
• Study Sections for clinical trials, NIH - NIAMS
• National Academy of Sciences Panel on Levels of Food Additives
• Study Sections for California Tobacco-Related Disease Research Project (1992-99)
• Study Sections of NSF