University of California
Paul Blanc

Paul D. Blanc, MD, MSPH

Professor of Medicine
Endowed Chair in Occupational and Environmental Medicine
School of Medicine
Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
University of California
San Francisco, CA 94143-0924
415-476-7377 Fax: 415-476-6426
Current Research Interests
• Epidemiology of occupational lung disease
• Asthma outcomes
• Occupational toxicology
Key Publications
• Blanc PD, Trupin L, Eisner M, Earnest G, Katz PP, Israel I, Yelin EH. 2001. The work impact of asthma and rhinitis: findings from a population-based survey. J Clin Epidem 54:610-18.
• Eisner MD, Katz PP, Yelin EH, Hammond SK, Blanc PD. 2001. Measurement of environmental tobacco smoke exposure among adults with asthma. Environ Health Persp 109:809-14.
• Blanc PD, Toren K. 1999. How much adult asthma can be attributed to occupational factors? Am J Med 107:580-87.
• Eisner MD, Smith AK, Blanc PD. 1998. Bartenders' respiratory health after establishment of smoke-free bars and taverns. JAMA 280:1909-14.
• Kuschner WG, Wong H, D'Alessandro A, Quinlan P, Blanc PD. 1997. Human pulmonary responses to experimental inhalation of high concentration fine arid ultrafine magnesium oxide particles. Environ Health Perspect 105:1234-37.
• Blanc PD, Cisternas M, Smith S, Yelin E. 1996. Asthma, employment status, and disability among adults treated by pulmonary and allergy specialists. Chest 109:688-96.
• ICM - Occupational medicine section (with John Balmes) (UCSF)
• Management of Clinical Occupational Health Problems (with Barbara Burgel) (UCSF)
• Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholar
• Fulbright Award
Public and University Service
• Member, Scientific Review Panel, Air Resources Board
• Associate Medical Director, California Poison Control System, San Francisco Division