University of California
Barbara Burgel, RN, MS, FAAN

Barbara J. Burgel, RN, PhD, FAAN

Clinical Professor and Adult Nurse Practitioner
Certified Occupational Health Nurse Specialist
University of California
School of Nursing
Dept. of Community Health Systems
San Francisco, CA 94143-0608
415-476-4953 Fax: 415-476-6042
Occupational and Environmental Health Nursing Program

Current Research Interests
  • Psychosocial work factors and musculoskeletal disorders in janitors, hotel room cleaners, and taxi drivers
  • Occupational health, health disparities and access to care for low wage workers
Key Publications (since 2004)
  • Burgel, B.J., Lashuay, N., Israel, L., Harrison, R. (2004). Garment workers in California:  Health outcomes of the Asian Immigrant Women Workers Clinic.  AAOHN Journal, 52(11): 465-475.
  • Pun, J.C., Burgel, B.J., Chan, J. & Lashuay, N. (2004).  Education of garment workers:  Prevention of work-related musculoskeletal disorders. AAOHN Journal. 52(8): 338-343.
  • Saxe, J.M., Burgel, B.J., Stringari-Murray, S., Collins-Bride, G.M., Dennehy, P., Janson, S., Humphreys, J., Martin, H. & Roberts, B. (2004) What is Faculty Practice? Nursing Outlook. 52(4): 166-173.
  • Saxe, J.M., Burgel, B.J., Collins-Bride, G.M., Stringari-Murray, S., Dennehy, P., & Holzemer, W. (2004) Strategic Planning for UCSF’s Community Health Nursing Faculty Practices. Nursing Outlook. 52(4): 179-188.
  • Foxman, I. & Burgel, B.J. (2006). Musician Health and Safety: Playing Related Musculoskeletal Disorders. AAOHN Journal, 54(7): 309-316.
  • Krause, N., Burgel, B., & Rempel, D. (2010). Effort–reward imbalance and one-year change in neck–shoulder and upper-extremity pain among call center computer operators. Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment and Health, 36(1): 42–53. PMIDID 19967325.
  • Burgel, B., White, M., Gillen, M., & Krause, N. (2010). Psychosocial Work Factors and Shoulder Pain in Hotel Room Cleaners, American Journal of Industrial Medicine, 53(7): 743-56.  PMIDID 20340100.
  • Clinical Residency for OHNP Students (UCSF)
  • Management of Clinical Occupational Health Problems (UCSF)
  • Current Concepts in Occupational Health Nursing (UCSF)
  • Environment and Health (UCSF)
  • 2010-now Visiting Professor, University of Cumbria, Lancaster, United Kingdom
  • 2005 Joyce Simonowitz Scholarship Award, California State Association of OHNs
  • 2002 Teacher of the Year Award, UCSF Master’s Students 
  • 2000 Research Award from the American Board for Occupational Health Nurses, Inc.
  • 1997 FAAN-Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing
Public and University Service
  • Institute of Medicine, Committee on the Certification of Personal Protective Technologies, National Academy of Sciences, 2009-2010
  • UCSF Chancellor’s Sustainability Committee, 2010-now