David J. Erle, MD

David J. Erle, MD

Professor of Medicine
School of Medicine
Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
University of California, San Francisco
Box 2922
San Francisco, CA 94143-0854
415-514-4370 Fax: 415-514-4278

Current Research Interests
• Asthma
• Pulmonary immunology
• Post-transcriptional gene regulation
• Functional genomics
Key Publications

Zhao W, Pollack JL, Blagev DP, Zaitlen N, McManus MT, Erle DJ. Massively parallel functional annotation of 3' untranslated regions. Nat Biotechnol. 2014;32:387-91. PMID: 24633241; PMCID: PMC3981918.

Solberg OD, Ostrin EJ, Love MI, Peng JC, Bhakta NR, Hou L, Nguyen C, Solon M, Nguyen C, Barczak AJ, Zlock LT, Blagev DP, Finkbeiner WE, Ansel KM, Arron JR, Erle DJ*, Woodruff PG*. Airway epithelial miRNA expression is altered in asthma. Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2012; 186:965-74. PMID: 22955319; PMCID: PMC3530212. *, equal contributions.

Park SW, Zhen G, Verhaeghe C, Nakagami Y, Nguyenvu LT, Barczak AJ, Killeen N, Erle DJ. The protein disulfide isomerase AGR2 is essential for production of intestinal mucus. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2009; 106:6950-5. PMID: 19359471; PMCID: PMC2678445.

Kuperman DA, Huang X, Koth LL, Chang GH, Dolganov GM, Zhu Z, Elias JA, Sheppard D, Erle DJ. Direct effects of interleukin-13 on epithelial cells cause airway hyperreactivity and mucus overproduction in asthma. Nat Med. 2002; 8:885-9. PMID: 12091879.

Rüegg C, Postigo AA, Sikorski EE, Butcher EC, Pytela R, Erle DJ. Role of integrin 47/4P in lymphocyte adherence to fibronectin and VCAM-1 and in homotypic cell clustering. J Cell Biol. 1992; 117:179-89. PMID: 1372909; PMCID: PMC2289398.

Clinical Teaching (Pulmonary Disease, Critical Care at UCSF)
Biomedical Sciences (UCSF)