Fadi A. Fathallah, PhD

Fadi A. Fathallah, PhD

Associate Professor
Dept. of Biological and Agricultural Engineering
University of California
Davis, CA 95616
Occupational Biomechanics Laboratory
Agricultural Ergonomics Research Center
UC Davis Biological and Agricultural Engineering

 Current Research Interests

  • Occupational Biomechanics with special emphasis on Agricultural environments
  • Industrial Ergonomics as it relates to low back disorders and cumulative trauma disorders
  • Electromyography
  • Human Factors

Key Publications

Reiter, D. A., Fathallah, F. A., Farouki, R. T., & Walton, J. H. (2012). Noninvasive high resolution mechanical strain maps of the spine intervertebral disc using nonrigid registration of magnetic resonance images. J. Biomechanics, 45(8), 1534-1539.

Ulrey, B. L., and Fathallah, F. A. (2012). Effect of a personal weight transfer device on muscle activities and joint flexions in the stooped posture. J Electromyogr Kinesiol. Available online, Sept 25, 2012: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jelekin.2012.08.016

Habib, R.R., Fathallah, F.A., and Messing, K. (2010).  Full-time homemakers: Workers who cannot "go home and relax".  J Occup Safety & Ergonomics, 16(1), 113-18

Fathallah, F.A. (2010). Musculoskeletal disorders in labor-intensive agriculture. Applied Ergonomics, 41(6), 738-43.

Fathallah, F.A., Chang, J.H., Pickett, W., and Marlenga, B.L. (2009). Ability of Youth Operators to Reach Farm Tractor Controls. Ergonomics, 52(6):685-94

Fathallah, F.A., Miller, B.J., and Miles, J.A. (2008). The problem of stooped work in agriculture: Scope, potential interventions, and research needs. J. Ag Safety and Health.

Faucett, J., Meyers, J., Miles, J., Janowitz, I., and Fathallah, F.A. (2007). Rest break interventions in stoop labor tasks. Applied Ergonomics, 38(1), 219-226.

Meyers, J.M., Miles, J.A., Faucett, J., Fathallah, F.A., Janowitz, I., Smith, R., and Weber, E. (2006). Smaller loads reduce risk of back injuries during wine grape harvest.  California Agriculture, 60(1), 25-31

Kato, A., Fathallah, F.A., Miles, J.A., Meyers, J.M., Faucett, J., Janowitz, I., and Garcia, E. (2006). Ergonomic evaluation of California winegrape trellis systems.  J. Ag Safety and Health, 12(10), 17-28

McGorry, R.W., Hsiang, S.M., Fathallah, F.A., and Clancy, E.A. (2001).  Timing of activation of the erector spinae and hamstrings during a trunk flexion and extension task. Spine, 26, 418-425.

Dempsey, P.G., Burdorf, A., Fathallah, F.A., Sorock, G.S., and Hashemi, L. (2001). Influence of measurement accuracy on the application of the 1991 NIOSH equation.  Applied Ergonomics, 32, 91-99.

Marras, W.S., Allread, W.G., Burr, D.L, and Fathallah, F.A. (2000).  Validation of a low-back disorder risk model: A prospective study of ergonomic interventions associated with manual materials handling jobs.  Ergonomics 43(11), 1866-1886.

Fathallah, F.A. and Cotnam, J.P. (2000). Maximum forces sustained during various methods of exiting commercial tractors, trailers and trucks.  Applied Ergonomics, 31, 25-33.

Fathallah, F.A., and Brogmus, E.G. (1999).  Hourly trends in workers’ compensation claims.  Ergonomics 42(1), 196-207.

Fathallah, F.A., Marras, W.S., and Parnianpour, M. (1998).  The role of complex simultaneous trunk motions in the risk of occupation-related low back disorders.  Spine 23(9), 1035-1042.

Burdorf, A., Rosegnol, M., Fathallah, F., Snook, S., and Harrick, R. (1997).  Challenges in assessing risk factors in epidemiological studies on back disorders.  Am J Ind Medicine, 32(2), 142-152.

Biomechanics and Ergonomics (UCD)
Occupational Musculoskeletal Disorders (UCD)

Public and University Service
Associate Editor, J Agricultural Safety and Health
Program Chair, Biological Systems Engineering Graduate Program, UCD
Member, Biomedical Engineering Graduate Group, UCD
UC Education Abroad Program: Middle East Faculty Advisory Committee, and Public Health Faculty Advisory Committee