University of California

Julia Faucett, RN, PhD, FAAN

Professor Emerita
School of Nursing
Dept. of Community Health Systems
University of California
San Francisco, CA 94143-0608
415-476-3221 Fax: 415-476-6042
Creative Achievements
• Showed that decision latitude may influence the impact of work station ergonomics on musculoskeletal symptoms
• Showed that job characteristics (biomechanical factors, employer characteristics & job strain) influence work status after the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome
• Developed and tested a symptom measure for Hispanic farm workers
Current Research Interests
• Musculoskeletal disorders and related disability in the workplace
• Impact of work organization on occupational health & safety outcomes
Key Publications
• Faucett J, Meyers J, Tejeda D, Janowitz I, Miles J, Kabashima J. 2000. Musculoskeletal symptoms in agriculture: measuring pain among immigrant Hispanic farmworkers. Journal of Agricultural Safety & Health 7(3):185-98.
• Spiers J, Costantino M, Faucett J. 2000. Video technology in nursing research. AAOHN Journal 48:119-23.
• Faucett J, Blanc P, Yelin E. 2000. The impact of carpal tunnel syndrome on work status: implications of job characteristics for staying on the job. Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation 10(1):55-69.
• Faucett J. 1999. Chronic low back pain. In: Fitzpatrick J, editor. Annual review of nursing research, vol 17. New York: Springer Publ. Co.
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• Janowitz I, Meyers J, Tejeda D, Miles J, Duraj V, Faucett J, Kabashima J. 1998. Reducing risk factors for the development of work-related musculoskeletal problems in nursery work. Journal of Applied Occupational & Environmental Hygiene 13:9-14.
• Faucett J. 1997. The ergonomics of women's work. In: Ruzek S, Olesen V, Clark A, editors. Women's Health: Complexities and Differences. The Ohio State University Press.
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• Meyers J, Bloomberg L, Faucett J, Janowitz I, and Miles J. 1995. Using ergonomics in the prevention of musculoskeletal cumulative trauma injuries in agriculture-learning from the mistakes of others. Journal of Agromedicine 2(3):11-24.
• Faucett J, Rempel D. 1994. VDT-related musculoskeletal symptoms: interactions between work posture and psychosocial work factors. American Journal of Industrial Medicine 26:597-612.
• Factors in Injury Control (UCSF)
• OEH Nursing Research Seminar (UCSF)
• Behavioral Theories for Nursing Research (UCSF)
• Fellow, American Academy of Nursing
• Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Society
• Distinguished Service Award for Outstanding and Creative Teamwork, UC Division of Natural Resources and Agriculture (Cooperative Extension Academic Assembly Council) - 2000