University of California
June M. Fisher, MD

June M. Fisher, MD

Clincal Professor
School of Medicine
Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
University of California
San Francisco, CA 94103
415-821-8209 Fax: 415-292-9840
Creative Achievements
• Findings from study on hypertension and stress in urban transit operators have been influential in directing efforts to reduce occupational stress in this profession.
• Developed criteria for evaluating the performance of devices designed to protect health care workers from exposure to blood.
Current Research Interests
• Stress and hypertension in transit operators
• Alcohol and drug testing in the transit industry
• Training of front line health care workers to evaluate and select blood handling devices
• Development of safer technologies for home care nurses
• Prevention of exposure to blood in operating rooms, dental settings, and home care settings
Key Publications
• Fisher JM, contributor. 1999. Sharps injury prevention program: a step-by-step guide. Chicago: American Hospital Association.
• Fisher JM, contributor. 1998. Selecting, evaluating, and using sharps disposal containers. DHHS (NIOSH) Publication No. 97-111.
• Krause N, Ragland DR, Greiner BA, Fisher JM, Holman BL, Selvin S. 1997. Physical workload and ergonomic factors associated with prevalence of back and neck pain in urban transit operators. Spine 22(18):2117-26; discussion 2127.
• Fisher JM. 1996. Participatory research: Involving urban transit operators in research. Urban Transport 2(1):1-10.
• Fisher JM. 1994. Strategies for incorporating health in the design, selection, and use of control technology. In: Charney W, Schirmer J, editors. Essentials of modern hospital safety, vol. 3. Chelsea, MI: Lews Publishers.
• Lecturer, Product Design (Stanford University)
• Development of course "Working in a Safe Environment" for medical and nursing students
• Lecturer for Occupational and Environmental Health Nursing Program (UCSF)
• Robert Wood Johnson Scholar 1974-1977
• Public and University Service
• Member, NIOSH's National Occupational Research Agenda team on occupational infectious diseases
• Member, international scientific committee on urban transit health and safety
• Cal/OSHA advisory committee on blood-borne pathogens