Marion E. Gillen, RN, MPH, PhD

Marion E. Gillen, RN, MPH, PhD

Former Deputy Director, COEH
Associate Professor
School of Nursing
Dept. of Community Health Systems
University of California
San Francisco, CA 94143-0608
Current Research Interests
• Preventing workplace injuries
• Short- and long-term consequences of occupational injury
• Work disability
• Construction workers and other blue-collar workers
• Evaluating effects of California's revised bloodborne pathogens standard
Key Publications

Burgel, B., White, M., Gillen, M., & Krause, N. (2010).     Psychosocial work factors and shoulder pain in hotel room cleaners. American Journal of Industrial Medicine, 53(7), 743-756.

Hammond, W., Gillen, M., & Yen, I. (2010).    Workplace discrimination and depressive symptoms: A study of multi-ethnic hospital employees. Race and Social Problems, 1;2(1), 19-30.

Gillen, M, Cisternas, M.G., Swig, L., Yen, I.H., Frank, J., & Blanc. P.D.  Musculoskeletal injury and functional recovery in hospital workers.  Occupational Medicine 2010; doi: 10.1093/occmed/kqq110

Lee, S.J., Faucett, J.A., Gillen, M, Krause, N., & Landry, L.  Predictors for safe patient handling behaviors among critical care nurses. American Journal of Industrial Medicine (2010 April 21 DOI: 10.1002/ajim.20843).

Leigh, J.P., Wiatrowksi, Gillen, M., & Steenland, N.K. (2008).     Characteristics of persons and jobs with needlestick injuries in a national data set.  American Journal of Infection Control, 36(6),414-420.

Gillen, M., Yen, I., Trupin, L., Swig, L., Rugulies, R., Mullen, K., Font, A., Burian, D., Ryan, G., Janowitz, I., Quinlan, P., Frank, J., & Blanc, P. (2007).     The association of socioeconomic status and psychosocial and physical workplace factors with musculoskeletal injury in hospital workers. American Journal of Industrial Medicine, 50(4), 245-260.

Leigh, J.P., Gillen, M., Franks, P., Sutherland, S., Nguyen, H.N., Steenland, K., & Xing, G.  (2007).    Costs of needlestick injuries and subsequent hepatitis and HIV infection.  Current Medical Research and Opinion, 23(9), 2093-2105.

Factors in Injury Control (UCSF)
Health Hazards in the Workplace (UCSF)
Issues in Occupational and Environmental Health
Otis Clapp Research Award - AAOHN 1996
Nomination Chair, California State Association of Occupational Health Nurses 

University and Public Service
UCSF Chancellors's Ad-Hoc Support Work Environment Committee: 1999-2001
UCSF Chancellor's Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on Disability Issues: 2002-2006: Vice Chair 2003-2004; Chair - 2004-2005
UCSF Graduate Council: 2002-2005
UCSF Environmental Sustainability Committee: 2004-2006
Campus Mediator - UCSF Problem Resolution Center: 2003 - present