University of California
Ellen B. Gold, MA, PhD

Ellen B. Gold, MA, PhD

School of Medicine
Dept. of Public Health Sciences
University of California
Davis, CA 95616-8638
530-752-2446 Fax: 530-752-3239
Creative Achievements
• Characterized relation of demographic, occupational and lifestyle factors to menstrual cycle and hormonal changes in female semiconductor workers
• Relation of demographic and lifestyle factors to midlife symptoms in women
Current Research Interests
• Relation of occupational, lifestyle, and environmental factors to: midlife hormone changes in diverse ethnic groups of women; midlife symptoms in diverse ethnic groups of women; age at menopause in diverse ethnic groups; premenstrual symptoms
• Relation of organophosphate exposure to neurobehavior in migrant farmworker children
• Relation of ethnicity to childhood cancer
• Risk factors for childhood brain tumors and pancreatic cancer
Key Publications
• Gold EB. 2000. Epidemiology of the menopause: demographics, ethnic and international differences and environmental influences. In: Lobo R, Marcus R, Kelsey J, editors. Menopause. San Diego: Academic Press. p 182-202.
• Gold EB, Sternfeld B, Kelsey JL, Brown C, Mouton C, Reame N, Salamone L, Stellato R. 2000. The relation of demographic and lifestyle factors to symptoms in a multi-ethnic population of 40-55-year-old women. Am J Epidemiol 152:463-73.
• Gold EB, Bromberger J, Crawford S, et al. 2001. Factors associated with age at menopause in a multi-ethnic population of women. Amer J Epidemiol 153:865-74.
• Parikh-Patel A, Gold E, Mackay IR, Gershwin ME. 1999. The geoepidemiology of primary biliary cirrhosis: contrasts and comparisons with the spectrum of autoimmune disorders. Clin Immunol 91:206-18.
• Parikh-Patel A, Gold EB, Worman H, Krivy KE, Gershwin EM. 2001. Risk factors for primary biliary cirrhosis in a cohort of patients from the United States. Hepatol 33(1):16-21.
• Reproductive Epidemiology (UCD)
• Advanced Concepts in Epidemiologic Study Design (UCD)
• NIEHS Research Career Development Award
• American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Fellow
Public and University Service
• Graduate Advisor and Chair of Graduate Advisors for Graduate group in Epidemiology
• Member, Executive Committee, Graduate Group in Epidemiology