University of California
Nina T. Holland, PhD

Nina T. Holland, PhD

Adjunct Professor
School of Public Health
Division of Environmental Health Sciences
733 University Hall, UC Berkeley,
Berkeley, CA 94720-7360

Phone: 510-455-0561 | FAX: 510-665-2202
Lab: Richmond Field Station Campus, Building 112
1301 S.46th St, CA 94804-3580

PH256, Molecular and Genetic Epidemiology, 4 units, Spring Semester

Research Interests
• Children's Environmental Health
• Molecular Epidemiology
• Human Cytogenetics
• Biological Banking

Selected Publications

Holland N
, Fucic A., Merlo, F.D., Sram R., Kirsh-Volders M. Micronuclei in neonates and children:effects of environmental, genetic, demographic and disease variables. Mutagenesis, v.26, n.1:51-56, 2011.

Huen, K., Barcellos, L., Beckman, K., Rose, S., Eskenazi, B., and Holland, N. Effects of PON Polymorphisms and Haplotypes on Molecular Phenotype in Mexican-American Mothers and Children. Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis, 52:105-116, 2011.

Eskenazi B., Marks A., Huen K., Harley K., Bradman A., Holland N. Effects of PON1 on the associations of OP exposure and neurodevelopment in early childhood. Environmental Health Perspective, s doi: 10.1289/ehp.1002234, 2010.

Huen, K.., Harley, K., Brooks, J., Hubbard, A., Bradman, A., Eskenazi, B., Holland, N. Developmental Changes in PON1 Enzyme Activity in Young Children and Effects of PON1 Polymorphisms. Environmental Health Perspectives, 117, 1632-1638. PMCID2790521, 2010.

Thomas P., Holland N., Bolognesi C., Kirsch-Volders M., Bonassi S., Zeiger E., Knasmueller S., Fenech M. Buccal Micronucleus Cytome assay. Nature Protocols, v.4, n.6, 825-837, 2009.

Block G., Jensen C.D., Morrow J.D., Holland N., Norkus E.P., Milne G.L., Hudes M., Dalvi T.B., Crawford P.B., Fung E.B., Schumacher L., Harmatz P. The effect of vitamins C and E on biomarkers of oxidative stress depends on baseline level. Free Radic Biol Med, 45:377-384, 2008.

Chen C., M. Arjomandi, J. Balmes, I. Tager, N. Holland. Effects of chronic and acute ozone exposure on antioxidant defense and lipid peroxidation in healthy young adults. EHP, 115, 12:1832-1737, 2007.

P. Duramad, I. Tager, N. Holland. Cytokines and other immunological biomarkers in children's environmental health studies. Toxicology Letters, 172:48-59, 2007.

N. Holland, C. Furlong, M. Bastaki, R. Richter, A. Bradman, A. Ho, K. Beckman, B. Eskenazi. Paraoxonase polymorphisms, haplotypes and enzyme activity in Latino mothers and newborns. Environmental Health Perspectives, 114:985-991, 2006.

Holland N.T., Pfleger L.P., Berger E., Ho A., Bastaki M. Molecular Epidemiology Biomarkers-Sample Collection and Banking Considerations. Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology, 206:261-68, 2005.


Other Information
Director of the Children's Environmental Health Laboratory, 112 RFS, S. 46th St, Richmond, CA 94804
•  SPH Biorepository, 113 RFS, S. 46th St, Richmond, CA 94804, (510) 665-2200
•  Committee for Protection of Human Subjects, UC Berkeley
•  Regents and Chancellors Scholarship Committee, UC Berkeley
•  International Committee on Micronucleus Assay in Human Populations (HUMN)