Courtney Broaddus

Seth Holmes PhD., MD.

Associate Professor
Martin Sisters Assistant Profeessor
Health and Social Behavior
School of Public Health
University of California
Berkeley , CA 94720
Current Research Interests
• Population health with focus on health disparities, social determinants of health, and global health
• Medical anthropology with focus on social theory and ethnography
• Social studies of medicine and science
• Social difference, especially related to race, social class, citizenship, gender, and sexuality
• The naturalization and normalization of social hierarchies and health disparities
• Social suffering and symbolic violence
• Gender theory, queer theory and LGBTQ health
• Immigration and migration
• Death and dying
• Urban and rural Latin America and North America, and Europe

Key Publications
• Holmes SMFresh Fruit, Broken Bodies: Indigenous Mexican Farmworkers in the United States. University of California Press. 2013.
Holmes SM and H Castaneda. "Ethnographic Research in Migration and Health." In Migration and Health Research Methodologies. University of California Press. In Press. 
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Holmes, Seth M. ABD'De Gocmenlerin Sagliginin Sosyal Baglami Uzrine Etnografik Bir Calisma. Turk Tabipleri Birligi Mesleki Saglik ve Guvenlik Dergisi(Turkish Medical Association Journal of Occupational Health and Safety). 2010-2011 (Published in July 2011) 38: 44-48.
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• PH 203A: Theories of Health and Social Behavior
• PH 24: Critical Analysis of Gender, Sexuality, the Body and Health
• ANTH 250J UCB/ANTH 211A UCSF: Ethnography: Theory and Method