University of California
Alan Hubbard, PhD

Alan Hubbard, PhD

Associate Professor
School of Public Health
Division of Biostatistics
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720-7360
Phone: 510-643-6160
Current Research Interests
• Risk analysis for airborne pathogens
• Clustering of longitudinal functions (finding diagnostic groups from longitudinal data)
• Bayesian melding to parameters in infectious disease models
• Model selection using cross-validation
Key Publications

Hubbard, A.E., Liang, S., Maszle, D., Qui,D., Gu, X., Spear, R.C. 2002. Estimating the distribution of worm burden and egg excretion of Schistosomiasis japonica by risk group in th Sichuan Province, China. In press at Parasitology.

Spear, R.C. Hubbard, A.E., Liang, S. and Seto, E. 2002. Disease Transmission Models for Public Health Decision Making: Toward an Approach for Designing Intervention Strategies for Schistosomiasis japonica. Env. Health Persp 110(9): 907-915.

Brookhart, M.A., Hubbard, A.E., van der Laan, Colford, J.M. and Eisenberg, J.N.S. 2002. Insight into an outbreak: statistical estimation of parameters in a disease transmission model. In press at Statistics in Medicine.

Hubbard, A.E., van der Laan, M.J., Enanoria, W. and Colford, J. 2000. Nonparametric survival estimation when death is reported with delay. Lifetime Data Analysis 6: 237-250.

Hubbard, A.E., van der Laan, M.J. and Robins, J.M. 1999. Nonparametric locally efficient estimation of the treatment specific survival distributions with right censored data and covariates in observational studies. In: Statistical Models in Epidemiology: The Environment and Clinical Trials. Halloran, E. and Berry, D., eds,. NY: Springer-Verlag, pp. 134-178.
Longitudinal Data Analysis
Causal Inference
Computational Biology
Risk Research