Susan L. Janson, DNSc, RN, NP

Susan L. Janson, RN, PhD, ANP-BC, CNS, FAAN

Professor Emerita of Nursing and Medicine
Director, ANP Program in Integrated Complementary Healing
School of Nursing
Dept. of Community Health Systems
University of California
San Francisco, CA 94143-0608
415-476-5282 Fax: 415-476-6042
Creative Achievements
• Documented the effect of patient education on biological markers of airway inflammation (asthma patient education)
Research Interests

• Asthma education, symptoms, and airway inflammation
Key Publications
• Janson S, Hardie G, Fahy JV, Boushey HA. 2001. Use of biological markers of airway inflammation to detect the efficacy of nurse-delivered asthma education. Heart & Lung 30:39-46.
• Janson S, Alioto ME, Boushey HA. 2001. Attrition and retention of ethnically diverse subjects in a multi-center randomized controlled research trial. Controlled Clinical Trials 22(6suppl):S236-43.
• Janson S, Becker G. 1998. Reasons for delay in seeking treatment for acute asthma: the patient's perspective. J of Asthma 35(5):427-35.
• Becker G, Janson-Bjerklie S, Benner P, Slobin K, Ferketich S. 1993. The dilemma of seeking urgent care: asthma episodes and emergency service use. Social Science & Medicine 37:305-13.
• Janson-Bjerklie S, Ferketich S, Benner P, Becker G. 1993. Predicting outcomes of living with asthma. Research in Nursing and Health 16:241-50.
• Janson-Bjerklie S, Ferketich S, Benner P, Becker S. 1992. Clinical markers of asthma severity and risk: Importance of subjective as well as objective factors. Heart & Lung 21(3):265-72.
• Advanced Nurse Education
• Research Methods and Research Design (UCSF)
• Symptom Perception and Symptom Management (UCSF)
• Adult Primary Care (UCSF)
• FAAN - Fellow, American Academy of Nursing
• Sigma Theta Tau International Honorary Society
Public and University Service
• Adult Nurse Practitioner
• Pulmonary Clinical Specialist
• Member, Executive Expert Panel, and Chair, Patient Education Committee of the Expert Panel of Diagnosis and Management of Asthma, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute