University of California
Catherine P. Koshland, PhD

Catherine P. Koshland, PhD

Vice Provost, Academic Planning & Facilities
School of Public Health
Division of Environmental Health Sciences
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720-7360
EHS Profile
Current Research Interests
• Combustion of toxic substances and combustion-generated pollution: chemistry and control
• Development of in situ diagnostics for detection of trace toxic species in high temperature and ambient air
• Industrial ecology and green design and manufacturing
• Energy and air pollution
Key Publications
Clack HL, Koshland CP, Lucas D, Sawyer RF. 2000. On the vaporization and thermal oxidation of chlorinated hydrocarbon/alcohol sprays. Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 28:2683-89.

Franklin PM, Koshland CP, Lucas D, Sawyer RF. 2000. Clearing the air: using scientific information to regulate reformulated fuels. Environ Sci Techno 34:3857-63.

Thomson M, Koshland CP, Lucas D. 1997. A health based decision making tool for waste destruction. Environmental Engineering Science 14:163-74.

Koshland CP. 1996. Impacts and control of air toxics. Twenty-sixth Symposium (International) on Combustion. The Combustion Institute.
Energy and Society (UCB)
Interdisciplinary Energy Analysis (UCB)
Wood-Calvert Chair in Engineering, UCB
Public and University Service
Vice-Chair, Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate Jan 2001-June 2002
Vice-Chair, Board of Managers, Haverford College
Secretary and Director, Board of Directors, The Combustion Institute
Member, Research Screening Committee, California Air Resources Board