Meredith Minkler

Meredith Minkler, DrPH, MPH

Professor Emerita (Health and Social Behavior)
School of Public Health
Community Health and Human Development
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-7360
Current Research Interests
•Developing and testing community engaged approach to Infection Prevention and Control (Ebola and VHFs)
• Community based participatory research and its impacts on policy
• Ecological study of health of restaurant workers in SF’s Chinatown (pending)
• Racial ethnic disparities in health of midlife and older Americans
• Empowerment strategies to promote critical thinking and positive health outcomes in youth
Key Publications
•Chopel, A, Minkler, M, Nuru-Jeter, A and Dunbar, M (in press) Social determinants of late stage HIV Diagnosis and its distributions among African Americans and Latinos: A critical literature review. Journal of Health Disparities Research and Practice.
•Malinowski, B., Minkler, M., & Stock, L. (2015). Labor Unions: A Public Health Institution. American Journal of Public Health, 105(2), 261-271.
• Minkler, M., Salvatore, A. L., Chang, C., Gaydos, M., San Liu, S., Lee, P. T., Bhatia, R. and Krause, N. (2014). Wage Theft as a Neglected Public Health Problem: An Overview and Case Study From San Francisco’s Chinatown District. American Journal of Public Health, 104(6), 1010-1020.
• Chang, C, Minkler, M, Salvatore, A, Lee, PT, Liu, S, and Gaydos, M (2013). Studying and addressing urban immigrant restaurant worker health and safety in San Francisco’s Chinatown restaurants: A CBPR case study. Journal of Urban Health. 90:6. 1026-1040
• Udoh, I, Minkler, M, Dillard Smith, C, Chopel, A, Walton, S et al. (2013) Developing and using a partnership covenant to guide a study of late stage HIV diagnosis. Progress in Community Health Partnerships: research, education, and action, 7(4), 403-411.
• Minkler, M, Fuller-Thompson, E and Guralnik, J (in press; 2006). Gradient of Disability across the Socioeconomic Spectrum in the US. New England Journal of Medicine 355 (7): 43-51.
• Minkler, M, Vásquez Brechwich, V, Warner, J, Stuessey, H and Facente, S (in press; 2006). Sowing the Seeds of Sustainable Change: A Community-University Research and Action Partnership in Indiana and its Aftermath. Health Promotion International.
• Brechwich Vásquez V, Minkler, M and Shepard, P (2006). Promoting Environmental Health Policy through Community Based Participatory Research: A Case Study from Harlem, New York. Journal of Urban Health.
• Minkler, M. and Fuller-Thomson, E (2005). African American Grandparents Raising Grandchildren: A National Study Using the Census 2000 Supplementary Survey. Journals of Gerontology . 60B(2): S82-92.
• Petersen, D, Minkler, M, Vasquez Breckwich, V, Baden, A (2006). Community-Based Participatory Research as a Tool for Policy Change: A Case Study of the Southern California Environmental Justice Collaborative. Review of Policy Research. 23(2): 339.
• Community organizing and community building for health (PH 204D)
• Aging, health and diversity (PH 130AC)
•Introduction to Health and Social Behavior
• Tisch Research Prize, Tufts University
• Fulbright Specialist
• Chancellors Award for Research in the Public Interest
• Outstanding Mentor Award, Society for Public Health Education
• Kellogg National Fellow
• Distinguished Mentorship Award, Gerontological Society of America
• Distinguished Career Award, PHPHE section, APHA

Public and University Service
• Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for National and Community Service (UCB, former)
• Co-chair, Faculty Policy Committee, Academic Service Learning (UCB)
• Founding Director, UCB Center on Aging
• Founder, Brookdale National Information Center on Grandparents Raising Grandchildren (later moved to AARP where I remain on the board)
• Research consultant, PolicyLink

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