University of California
William W. Nazaroff, PhD

William W. Nazaroff, PhD

College of Engineering
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Chair, Energy & Resources Group
University of California
633 Davis Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-1710
510.642.1040 Fax: 510.642.7483
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Current Research Interests
• Environmental tobacco smoke
• Particulate matter
• Exposure assessment
• Pollutant interactions with indoor surfaces
• Transport and mixing processes in indoor air
Key Publications
• Nazaroff WW, Alvarez-Cohen L. 2001. Environmental Engineering Science. New York: Wiley.
• Lai ACK, Thatcher TL, Nazaroff WW. 2000. Inhalation transfer factors for air pollution health risk assessment. J. Air & Waste Management Assoc. 50:1688-99.
• Miller SL, Branoff S, Nazaroff WW. 1998. Exposure to toxic air contaminants in environmental tobacco smoke: an assessment for California based on personal monitoring data. Journal of Exposure Analysis and Environmental Epidemiology 8:287-311.
• Nazaroff WW, Nicas M, Miller SL. 1998. Framework for evaluating measures to control nosocomial tuberculosis transmission. Indoor Air 8:205-18.
• Miller-Leiden S, Lobascio C, Nazaroff WW, Macher J. 1996. Effectiveness of in-room air filtration and dilution ventilation of tuberculosis infection control. Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association 46:869-82.
• Indoor Air Quality (UCB)
• Environmental Egineering (UCB)
• Air Quality Engineering (UCB)
Public and University Service
• Assoc. Editor, J. Air & Waste Management Association
• Research Screening Committee, California Air Resources Board