William W. Nazaroff, PhD

William W. Nazaroff, PhD

Daniel Tellep Distinguished Professor
College of Engineering
Civil & Environmental Engineering
University of California
425 Davis Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-1710
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Current Research Interests
• Pollutant dynamics in indoor air
• Exposure Science
Key Publications

Nazaroff WW, Indoor bioaerosol dynamics, Indoor Air (in press), doi:10.1111/ina.12174.

Weschler CJ, Nazaroff WW, Dermal uptake of organic vapors commonly found in indoor air,
Environmental Science & Technology 48, 1230-1237, 2014.

Nazaroff WW, Exploring the consequences of climate change for indoor air quality,
Environmental Research Letters 8, 015022, 2013.

Nazaroff WW, Weschler CJ, Little JC, Cohen Hubal EA, Intake to production ratio: A measure
of exposure intimacy for manufactured chemicals, Environmental Health Perspectives 120,
1678-1683, 2012

Weschler CJ, Nazaroff WW, SVOC exposure indoors: Fresh look at dermal pathways, Indoor
Air 22, 356-377, 2012.Miller-Leiden

Environmental Engineering (CE111)
Climate-Change Mitigation (CE 107)
Public and University Service
Editor-in-Chief. Indoor Air