University of California
William W. Nazaroff, PhD

William W. Nazaroff, PhD

Daniel Tellep Distinguished Professor
College of Engineering
Civil & Environmental Engineering
University of California
425 Davis Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-1710
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Current Research Interests
• Pollutant dynamics in indoor air
• Exposure Science
Key Publications
• Nazaroff WW, Indoor bioaerosol dynamics, Indoor Air (in press), doi:10.1111/ina.12174.
• Weschler CJ, Nazaroff WW, Dermal uptake of organic vapors commonly found in indoor air,
Environmental Science & Technology 48, 1230-1237, 2014.
• Nazaroff WW, Exploring the consequences of climate change for indoor air quality,
Environmental Research Letters 8, 015022, 2013.
• Nazaroff WW, Weschler CJ, Little JC, Cohen Hubal EA, Intake to production ratio: A measure
of exposure intimacy for manufactured chemicals, Environmental Health Perspectives 120,
1678-1683, 2012
•  Weschler CJ, Nazaroff WW, SVOC exposure indoors: Fresh look at dermal pathways, Indoor
Air 22, 356-377, 2012.Miller-Leiden

• Environmental Engineering (CE111)
• Climate-Change Mitigation (CE 107)
Public and University Service
• Editor-in-Chief. Indoor Air