Courtney Broaddus

Stephen M. Rappaport PhD

Environmental Health Sciences
Berkeley Center for Exposure Biology
University of California
Berkeley , CA 94720
Current Research Interests
• Development and application of biomarkers of exposure to toxic chemicals, including benzene and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
• Assessment of long-term chemical exposures for purposes of controlling workplace hazards and investigating exposure-response relationships
Key Publications
• S.M. Rappaport, H. Li, H. Grigoryan, W.E. Funk, and E.R. Williams, Adductomics: Characterizing Exposures to Reactive Electrophiles, Toxicol Letters, in press.
• H. Li, H. Grigoryan, W. E. Funk, S. S. Lu, S. Rose, E. R. Williams, and S.M. Rappaport, Profiling Cys34 Adducts of Human Serum Albumin by Fixed-Step Selected Reaction Monitoring, Mol Cell Proteomics, in press.
• T. Whitehead, C. Metayer, P. Buffler, and S.M. Rappaport, Estimating Exposures to Indoor Contaminants using Residential Dust, J Exposure Sci Environ Epidemiol, in press.
• S. Liu, S. K. Hammond, and S.M. Rappaport, Statistical Modeling to Determine Sources of Variability in Exposures to Welding Fumes, Ann Occup Hyg, 55(3):305-18 (2011).
• S.M. Rappaport, Implications of the Exposome for Exposure Science, J Exposure Sci Environ Epidemiol, 21: 5-9 (2011).
S.M. Rappaport and M. T. Smith, Environment and Disease Risks, Science, 330: 460-461, 2010.
S.M. Rappaport, S. Kim, Q. Lan, G. Li, R. Vermeulen, S. Waidyanatha, L. Zhang, S. Yin, M. T. Smith, and N. Rothman, Human Benzene Metabolism Following Occupational and Environmental Exposures, Chemico-Biol Interact, 184: 189-195 (2010).
• M. K. Chung, J. Riby, H. Li, A. T. Iavarone, E. R. Williams, Y. Zheng, and S.M. Rappaport, A Sandwich ELISA for Adducts of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons with Human Serum Albumin, Analyt Biochem, 400: 123-129 (2010).
• W. E. Funk, H. Li, A. T. Iavarone, E. R. Williams, J. Riby, and S.M. Rappaport, Enrichment of Cysteinyl Adducts of Human Serum Albumin, Analyt Biochem, 400: 61-68 (2010).
• S. Fustinoni, P. Manini, L. Campo, G. De Palma, R. Andreoli, A. Mutti, P. A. Bertazzi, and S.M. Rappaport, Assessing Variability and Comparing Short-term Biomarkers of Styrene Exposure Using a Repeated Measurements Approach,Toxicol Lett, 142(1): 40-44 (2010).
• T. Whitehead, R. B. Gunier, M. H. Ward, M. G. Nishioka, C. Metayer, P. Buffler, and S.M. Rappaport, Determinants of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Levels in House Dust, J Exposure Sci Environ Epidemiol,169: 1113-1123 (2009).
•  PH 150B: Introduction to Environmental Health Sciences