University of California
James C. Robinson, PhD, MPH

James C. Robinson, PhD, MPH

Leonard D. Schaeffer Professor of Health Economics
Chair, Berkeley Center for Health Technology
School of Public Health
Division of Health Policy and Management
Berkeley, CA 94720-7360
510-642-0564 Fax: 510-643-6981
Dr. Robinson's CV
Current Research Interests
• Biotechnology policy and strategy
• Health insurance
• Physician payment methods
• Health care finance
• Nonprofit and for-profit organization
Key Publications
• Robinson JC, Brown TT. Increases in Consumer Cost Sharing Redirect Patient Volumes and Reduce Hospital Prices for Orthopedic Surgery. Health Affairs 2013; 32(8): 1392-7.
• Robinson JC. Consumer Cost Sharing and Use of Biopharmaceuticals for Rheumatoid Arthritis. American Journal of Managed Care 2013; 19(6): e205-3213.
• Robinson JC. Case Studies of Orthopedic Surgery in California: The Virtues of Care Coordination Versus Specialization. Health Affairs 2013 32(5): 921-8.
• Robinson JC. Two Organizational Models Compete for the Re-Design of Health Care: A Case Study of Orthopedic Surgery. Health Affairs 2013; 32(5): 921-928.
• Robinson JC, Megerlin F. Reforme des Paiements des Soins aux Etats Unis: Quels Impacts sur les Relations Medicins-Hopitaux-Industriels? Techniques Hospitalieres 2012; Nov-Dec: 8-18.
• Robinson JC. Providers’ Payment and Delivery System Reforms Hold Both Threats and Opportunities for the Drug and Device Industries. Health Affairs 2012; 31(9): 2059-67.
• Robinson JC, MacPherson K. Payers Test Reference Pricing and Centers of Excellence to Steer Patients to Low-Price and High-Quality Providers. Health Affairs 2012; 31(9): 2028-36
• Robinson JC, Pozen A, Tseng S, Bozic KJ. Variability in Costs Associated with Total Hip and Knee Replacement Implants. Journal of Joint and Bone Surgery 2012; 94:1693-98.  
• Robinson JC. Hospitals Respond to Medicare Payment Shortfalls by Both Shifting Costs and Cutting Them, Based on Market Concentration. Health Affairs 2011; 30(7):1265-1271.
• Robinson JC. Hospital Market Concentration, Pricing, and Profitability in Orthopedic Surgery and Interventional Cardiology. American Journal of Managed Care 2011; 17(6):e241-e248.
• Robinson JC. Variation in Hospital Costs, Payments, and Profitability for Cardiac Valve Replacement Surgery. Health Services Research 2011; 46(6):1928-1945.

• PH 200C Public Health Core Breadth (UCB)
• PH 222A Health Care Technology Policy (UCB)
• PH 227A Health Care Finance (UCB)
• PH 227B Advanced Financial Management (UCB)
• PH 298.25 Health Care Technology Strategy (UCB)
Public and University Service
• Senior Director for Medical Technology at the Integrated Healthcare Association (IHA)
• Contributing Editor for Health Affairs.