David M. Rocke, PhD

David M. Rocke, PhD

School of Medicine and College of Engineering
Department of Public Health Sciences
Department of Applied Science
Center for Image Processing and Integrated Computing
University of California
Davis, CA 95616-8609
530-752-0510 Fax: 530-752-8894
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Current Research Interests
• Statistical applications in environmental science
• Biostatistics
• Immunoassay for environmental monitoring
• Analysis of massive data sets
Key Publications

Nguyen D, Rocke DM. 2001. Tumor classification by partial least squares using gene expression data. Bioinformatics (in press).

Rocke DM, Durbin B. 2001. A model for measurement errors for gene expression arrays. Journal of Computational Biology 8:557-69.

Rocke DM, Jones G. 1997. Optimal design for ELISA and other forms of immunoassay. Technometrics 39:162-70.

Rocke DM, Woodruff DL. 1996. Identification of outliers in multivariate data. Journal of the American Statistical Association 91:1047-61.

Rocke DM. 1996. Robustness properties of S-estimators of multivariate location and shape in high dimension. Annals of Statistics 24:1327-45.

Rocke DM, Lorenzato S. 1995. A two-component model for measurement error in analytical chemistry. Technometrics 37:176-84.

Woodruff DL, Rocke DM. 1994. Computable robust estimation of multivariate location and shape using compound estimators. Journal of the American Statistical Association 89:888-96.
Statistical Methods (UCD)
Experimental Design (UCD)
Regression Analysis and Linear Models (UCD)
Fellow of the American Statistical Association, 1995
Statistics in Chemistry Award, American Statistical Association, 1997
Elected to Membership in the International Statistical Institute, 1997
Public and University Service
Co-director, Center for Image Processing and Integrated Computing. Research agenda concerns analysis and visualization of massive data sets.