University of California
Marc B. Schenker, MD, MPH

Marc B. Schenker, MD, MPH

Professor of Medicine
School of Medicine
Chair, Dept. of Public Health Sciences
University of California
Davis, CA 95616-8638
530-752-5676 Fax: 530-752-3239
Department of Public Health Sciences
Western Center for Agricultural Health and Safety
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Creative Achievements
• Identified specific reproductive health hazards among semiconductor workers as director of the Semiconductor Health Study
Current Research Interests
• Environmental and occupational risk factors for respiratory disease and lung cancer
• Biological monitoring of occupational exposures
• Health hazards of agricultural exposures, especially respiratory toxins and pesticides
• Occupational reproductive hazards
• Health hazards in the semiconductor industry
Key Publications
• Leigh JP, Schenker MB. 2001. Costs of occupational chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Chest (in press).
• Leigh JP, McCurdy S, Schenker MB. 2001. Costs of occupational injuries in agriculture. Public Health Reports (in press).
• Susitaival P, Kirk J, Schenker MB. 2001. Self-reported hand dermatitis in California veterinarians. Am J of Contact Dermatitis 12(2):103-08.
• Schenker MB. 2000. Improving health and safety in the agricultural workplace. Promoting human wellness: new frontiers for research, practice, and policy. University of California Press. p 586-614.
• Pinkerton KE, Green FHY, Saiki C, Vallyathan V, Plopper CG, Gopal V, Hung D, Bahne E, Lin SS, Menache M, Schenker MB. 2000. Distribution of particulate matter and tissue remodeling in the human lung. Env Hlth Perspect 108(11):1063-69.
• Schenker MB. 2000. Exposures and health effects from inorganic agricultural dusts. Env Hlth Persp 108(4):661-64.
• Orenstein MR, Schenker MB. 2000. Environmental asbestos exposure and mesothelioma. Current Opinion in Pulmonary Medicine 6(4):371-77.
• Woskie SR, Hammond SK, Hines CJ, Hallock MF, Kenyon E, Schenker MB. 2000. Personal fluoride and solvent exposures, and their determinants, in semiconductor manufacturing. Appl Occup Environ Hyg 15(4):354-61.
• Perspectives in Community Health (UCD)
• International Health Care (UCD)
• Research in Community and International Health (UCD)
• UC Davis Distinguished Wellness Lecturer, 1995
• Fulbright Senior Scientist Foreign Scholarship Award, France, 1993
• Fellow, American College of Physicians, 1986
• George C. Griffith Scholarship, American College of Physicians, 1982
Public and University Service
• Director, COEH Davis component
• Director, Western Center for Agricultural Health and Safety
• Chair, Department of Public Health Sciences