Soo-Jeong Lee

Soo-Jeong Lee, RN, PhD, ANP

Assistant Professor
School of Nursing
Occupational and Environmental Health Nursing
University of California, San Francisco
2 Koret Way, Room N505
San Francisco, CA 94143-0608
Phone: 415-476-3221
UCSF Profile
Current Research Interests
My research focuses on health effects of occupational exposures and prevention of occupational injuries and illnesses.
• Musculoskeletal disorders in health care workers
• Health effects from chemical exposures (pesticides, cleaning products)
• Organizational and occupational factors, safe work practices
• Occupational health surveillance, evaluation of effectiveness of interventions

• N273A Occupational health and diverse worker populations (UCSF)
• N212C Principles and methods of epidemiology (UCSF)
• N245A Clinical prevention and population health (UCSF)

Key Publicationst
• Lee SJ, You DH, Gillen M, Blanc P. Psychosocial work factors in new or recurrent Injuries among hospital workers: A prospective study. International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health. 2015 Mar 12. [Epub ahead of print]

• Lee SJ, Lee JH, Gershon R. Musculoskeletal symptoms in nurses in the early implementation phase of California’s safe patient handling legislation. Research in Nursing and Health. 38(3):183- 193, 2015.

• Lee SJ, Nam B, Harrison R, Hong OS. Acute symptoms associated with chemical exposures and safe work practices among hospital and campus cleaning workers: A pilot study. American Journal of Industrial Medicine. 57(11):1216-1226, 2014.

• Lee SJ, Tak SW, Alterman T, & Calvert GM. Prevalence of musculoskeletal symptoms amongagricultural workers in the United States: An analysis of the National Health Interview Survey,2004-2008. Journal of Agromedicine. 19(3):268-280, 2014.

• Lee SJ, Lee JH, Gillen M, & Krause N. Job stress and musculoskeletal symptoms amongintensive care unit nurses: A comparison between job demand-control and effort-rewardimbalance models. American Journal of Industrial Medicine. 57(2):214-221, 2014.

• Lee SJ, Faucett J, Gillen M, & Krause N. Musculoskeletal pain among critical-care nurses byavailability and use of patient lifting equipment: An analysis of cross-sectional survey data.International Journal of Nursing Studies. 50(12):1648-57, 2013.

• Lee SJ, Harrison R, Rosenberg J, McLendon P, Boston E, & Lindley MC. Influenza vaccinationamong healthcare personnel in California, 2010–2011 influenza season. American Journal ofInfection Control. 41(8):e65-71, 2013.

• Lee SJ, Faucett J, Gillen M, Krause N & Landry L. Risk perception of musculoskeletal injuryamong critical care nurses. Nursing Research. 62(1): 36-44, 2013.

• Lee SJ, Mehler L, Beckman J, Diebolt-Brown B, Prado JB, Lackovic M, Waltz J, Mulay P,Schwartz A, Mitchell Y, Moraga-McHaley S, Gergely R & Calvert GM. Acute illnesses associatedwith off-target pesticide drift from agricultural application in the United States, 1998-2006.Environmental Health Perspectives. 119(8):1162-9, 2011

• Lee SJ, Mulay P, Diebolt-Brown B, Lackovic M, Mehler L, Beckman J, Waltz J, Prado JB, MitchellY, Higgins SA, Schwartz A & Calvert GM. Acute illnesses associated with exposure to fipronil -Surveillance data from 11 states in the United States, 2001-2007. Clinical Toxicology. 48(7): 737-44, 2010.

• Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Lead author- Lee SJ). Acute illnesses associatedwith work-related antimicrobial pesticides exposures in healthcare facilities - California, Louisiana,Michigan, and Texas, 2002-2007. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. 59(18): 551-556, 2010.(*Reprinted in JAMA. 304(2): 152-154, 2010).

• Lee SJ, Faucett J, Gillen M, Krause N & Landry L. Factors associated with safe patient handlingbehaviors among critical care nurses. American Journal of Industrial Medicine. 53(9): 886-97,2010.

• Safe patient handling legislation and MSDs in California healthcare workers, CDC/NIOSH (R03 OH010487- 01), Principal Investigator, 2013-2015

• Musculoskeletal disorders among California nurses: Impact of safe patient handling law, Southern California NIOSH Education and Research Center Pilot Research Grant, Principal Investigator, 2012-2013

• Chemical exposure and safe work practices among hospital cleaners, NIH/NINR (P30- NR011934-01), Principal Investigator of pilot grant, 2011-2012

• Pilot-test of CDC-sponsored measure for reporting healthcare personnel Influenza vaccination coverage, CDC IPA, Co-investigator (PI of UCSF award), 2010-2011

Public and University Service
• UCSF Academic Senate Sustainability Committee
• UCSF School of Nursing, Master's Program Council, International Global Health Committee
• Nominations Committee, California El Camino Real Association of Occupational Health Nurses
• Technical Advisory Group, California Division of Industrial Relation