University of California
Martyn T. Smith, PhD

Martyn T. Smith, PhD

Professor of Toxicology
School of Public Health
Division of Environmental Health Sciences
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720-7356
510-642-8770 Fax: 510-642-0427
Superfund Basic Research Program
Current Research Interests
• Development and application of biomarkers
• Benzene toxicity
• The causes of leukemia and lymphoma
• Genetic susceptibility to disease
• Children's Environmental Health
Key Publications
•  Ren X, Lim S, Smith MT, Zhang L (2009) Werner syndrome protein, WRN, protects cells from DNA damage induced by the benzene metabolite hydroquinone. Toxicol Sci. 107(2):367-75. PMID: 19064679.
•  Scelo, G, Metayer, C, Zhang L, Wiemels, JL, Aldrich MC, Selvin S, Month S, Smith MT, Buffler PA (2009) Household exposure to paint and petroleum solvents, chromosomal translocations and the risk of childhood leukemia. Environ Health Perspect. 117(1):133-9. PMID: 19165400.
•  Wiemels JL, Hofmann J, Kang M, Selzer R, Green R, Zhou M, Zhong S, Zhang L, Smith MT, Marsit C, Loh M, Buffler P, Yeh RF (2008) Chromosome 12p deletions in TEL-AML 1 childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia are associated with retrotransposon elements and occur postnataly. Cancer Res. Dec 1;68(23):9935-44. PMID: 19047175.
•  Guyton KZ, Kyle AD, Aubrecht J, Cogliano VJ, Eastmond DA, Jackson M, Keshava N, Sandy MS, Sonawanee B, Zhang L, Waters MD, Smith MT (2009) Improving prediction of chemical carcinogenicity by considering mechanisms and applying toxicogenomic approaches. Mutat Res. 2009 Mar-Jun;681(2-3):230-40. PMID: 19010444.
•  Guha N, Chang JS, Chokkalingam AP, Wiemels JL, Smith MT, Buffler PA (2008) NQO1 Polymorphisms and De Novo Childhood Leukemia: A HuGE Review and Meta-Analysis. Am J Epidemiol. Dec 1; 168(11):1221-32. PMID: 18945694.
•  McHale CM, Lan Q, Corso C, Li G, Zhang L, Vermeulen R, Curry JD, Shen M, Turakulov R, Higuchi R, Germer S, Yin S, Rothman N, Smith MT (2008) Chromosome translocations in workers exposed to benzene. J Natl Cancer Inst Monogr. (39):74-7. PMID: 18648008.
• Smith MT, McHale CM, Wiemels JL, Zhang L, Wiencke JK, Zheng S, Gunn L, Skibola CF, Ma X, Buffler PA (2005). Molecular biomarkers for the study of childhood leukemia. Toxicol Appl Pharm 206(2): 237-45.
• Forrest MS, Lan Q, Hubbard AE, Zhang L, Vermeulen R, Zhao X, Li G, Wu YY, Shen M, Yin S, Chanock SJ, Rothman N, Smith MT (2005). Discovery of novel biomarkers by microarray analysis of peripheral blood mononuclear cell gene expression in benzene-exposed workers. Environmental Health Perspectives 113(6):801-7.
• Lan Q, Zhang L, Li G, Vermeulen R, Weinberg RS, Dosemeci M, Rappaport SM, Shen M, Alter BP, Wu Y, Kopp W, Waidyanatha S, Rabkin C, Guo W, Chanock S, Hayes RB, Linet M, Kim S, Yin S, Rothman N, Smith MT (2004). Hematotoxicity in workers exposed to low levels of benzene. Science 306(5702): 1774-6.
• Skibola CF, Holly EA, Forrest MS, Hubbard A, Bracci PM, Skibola DR, Hegedus C, Smith MT (2004). Body mass index, leptin, and leptin receptor polymorphisms, and Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 13(5):779-86.
• McHale CM, Wiemels JL, Zhang L, Ma X, Buffler PA, Feusner J, Matthay K, Dahl G, Smith MT (2003). Prenatal origin of childhood acute myeloid leukemias harboring chromosomal rearrangements t(15:17) and inv(16). Blood 101(11):4640-1.
• Zhang L, Eastmond DA, Smith MT (2002). The nature of chromosomal aberrations detected in humans exposed to benzene. CRC Critical Reviews in Toxicology 32(1):1-42.
• Smith MT, Wang Y, Skibola CF, Slater DJ, Lo Nigro L, Nowell PC, Lange BJ, Felix CA (2002). Low NAD(P)H:quinone oxidoreductase activity is associated with increased risk of leukemia with MLL translocations in infants and children. Blood 100(13):4590-3.
• Smith MT (1999). Benzene, NQO1 and genetic susceptibility to cancer. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 96(14):7624-6.
• PH 270B Advanced Toxicology (UCB)
• NST 11 Introduction to Toxicology (UCB)
• American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Fellow