Ira Tager, MD, MPH

Lisa M. Thompson, FNP, MS, PhD

Associate Professor
Department of Family Health Care Nursing
Faculty Director
Global Health Sciences Doctoral Program

University of California, San Francisco Nursing
2 Koret Way, N405J, Box 0606
San Francisco, CA 94143-0606
office: 415-502-5628

Current Research Interests
•Impact of gas stove/behavior intervention on household air pollution among pregnant women and neonates
•Assess market-based approach to distribute gas stoves and provide gas safety and health messages using trained women entrepreneurs
•Reduce burden of maternal and infant morbidity/mortality due to exposures to household air pollution from cooking fires
•Investigate environmental health disparities that contribute to low birth weight and adverse perinatal outcomes

Key Publications

•Bruce N, Diaz A, Arana B, Jenny A, Thompson L, Weber M, McCracken JM, Dherani D, Juarez D, Ordonez S, Klein R, Smith KR. Pneumonia case-finding in the Guatemala indoor air pollution trial (RESPIRE): Standardizing methods for resource-poor settings. Bull World Health Organ. 2007 Jul; 85(7):535-44.

•Thompson L, Diaz J, Diaz A, Jenny A, Bruce N, Balmes JR. Nxwisen, ntzarrin or ntzolin? Mapping children's respiratory symptoms among indigenous populations in Guatemala. Soc Sci Med. 2007 Oct; 65(7):1337-50.

•Pope DP, Mishra V, Thompson L, Siddiqui AR, Rehfuess E, Weber M, Bruce NG. Systematic review and meta-analyses of risk of low birth weight and stillbirth associated with indoor air pollution in developing countries. Epidemiol Rev. 2010 Apr; 32(1): 70-81. PMID: 20378629

•Smith KR, McCracken J, Thompson L, Edwards R, Naumoff-Shields K, Canuz E, Bruce N. Personal Carbon Monoxide Exposures in Infants and Mothers: Methods and Results from A Randomized Trial of Improved Wood-fired Cookstoves in Guatemala (RESPIRE). J Expo Sci Environ Epidemiol. 2010 Jul; 20(5): 406-16.

•Thompson LM, Clark M, Cadman B, Canuz E, Smith KR. 2011. Exposures to high levels of carbon monoxide from wood-fired temazcal (steam bath) use in highland Guatemala. Int J Occup Environ Health. 2011 Apr-Jun;17(2):103-12.

•Thompson LM, Bruce N, Eskenazi B, Diaz A, Pope D, Smith, KR. Maternal exposures to wood fuel smoke and newborn birth weight: Results from RESPIRE, a randomized trial of chimney cook stoves in Guatemala. Environmental Health Perspectives. 2011 Oct; 119 (1): 1489–1494.

•Lam N, Nicas M, Ruiz-Mercado I, Thompson LM, Smith K. Non-invasive measurement of carbon monoxide burden in Guatemalan children and adults following wood-fired temazcal (sauna-bath) use. Journal of Exposure Monitoring. 2011 Aug; 13(8): 2172-81. PMID: 21687856

•Kuo D, Thompson LM, Lee A, Romero C, & Smith KR. Unintended benefits: Leadership Skills and behavioral change among Guatemalan Fieldworkers employed in a longitudinal household air pollution study. Int’l. Quarterly of Community Health Education, 2010-2011, Vol. 31(4) 311-330.

•Smith KR, McCracken JP, Weber MW, Hubbard A, Jenny A, Thompson LM, Balmes J, Diaz A, Arana B, Bruce N. (2011). Effect of reduction in household air pollution on childhood pneumonia in Guatemala (RESPIRE): A randomised controlled trial. Lancet, 378(9804), 1717-1726.

•Radoff K, Thompson, LM, Bly, KC, Romero, C. Practices related to postpartum uterine involution in the Western Highlands of Guatemala. Midwifery, 2013, March 29(3): 225-232

•Radoff K, Levi, AJ, Thompson LM. Mairin Karnakira-Mujer Poderosa: A radio-education intervention to improve maternal knowledge of obstetric danger signs. Revista Panamericana de Salud Pública/Pan American Journal of Public Health, 2013, 34(4): 213-219.

•Thompson, LM, Levi, AJ, Bly, KC, Ha, C, Keirns, T. & Romero, C. Premature or just small Training Guatemalan traditional birth attendants to weigh and assess gestational age of newborns: An analysis of outcomes. Health Care for Women International, 2014 Feb; 35(2):216-31.

•Thompson, LM, Yousefi, P, Penaloza, R, Balmes, J, Holland N. Genetic modification of the effect of maternal household air pollution exposure on birth weight in Guatemalan newborns. Reproductive Toxicology 2014 Dec; 50:19-26.

•Thompson LM, Asteria-Penaloza R, StormoGipson K, Koositra R, Valenca-Moscoso G, Muslima H, Zaman Khan N. Validation and Adaptation of Rapid Neurodevelopmental Assessment Instrument for Infants, Child, care health and development, 2015

•Advanced Quantitative Research Methods (School of Nursing, UCSF)
•Global Women’s Health (UCSF)

Henrik L. Blum Award for Distinguished Social Action, School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley
• Burke Family Global Health Faculty Award, UCSF Global Health Sciences
•CTSI KL2 Career Development Award in Multidisciplinary Clinical Research, UCSF Clinical and Translational Science Institute

Public and University Service
•Service Award, San Lorenzo Ministry of Health, San Marcos, Guatemala
•Volunteer Award, Street Level Health Project, Oakland, California
• Program Director, doctoral program in Global Health Sciences (UCSF)