Recently Funded Projects (2003-04)

UC Berkeley
UC Davis
UC San Francisco
Funding Terms Key

Total Amount for all Campuses: $38,594,003

UC Berkeley ($20,611,733)

Robin Baker
  • $377,463—"Worker Training Program" CDIR
  • $212,242—"Worker Health and Safety Training Cooperative Agreement" (subcontract of NIH/NIEHS through UCLA)
  • $206,250—"National Young Worker Training and Resource Center" DOL/OSHA
  • $174,500—"Training Provider Technical Assistant Project" CDHS
  • $123,887—"Continuing Education and Outreach – ERC" (subcontract of CDC/NIOSH)
  • $52,994—"California Resource Network on Young Worker Health & Safety" CDIR
  • $50,000—"Lead-Safe Schools Project" CDHS
  • $31,000—"Building Trades Unions Ignite Less Tobacco (Built)" SBCTC
  • $27,383—"Occupational Health Gradients in Hospital Workers" NIH/NIAMS
  • $5,000—"Conference on Mediating Conflict in the Workplace" DHHS/CDC
John Balmes
  • $741,037—"Center of Excellence for Environmental Public Health Tracking" CDC
Patricia A. Buffler
  • $1,400,776—"Childhood Leukemia and Environmental Exposures" NIH/NIEHS
  • $330,179—"Electric Contact Current Exposure and Childhood Leukemia" EPRI
  • $169,803—"Tier II Dust Sampling Study" Westat/NCI
  • $444,375—"Chemical Exposures and Leukemia Risk" NIEHS (subcontract of UCB Superfund Project)
John M. Colford Jr.
  • $630,448—"Solar Water Disinfections: Randomized Intervention" NIH/NIAID
  • $626,494—"HIV/AIDS Epidemiology Training Project" CDHS
  • $547,526—"Randomized Trial of Tapwater Treatment in the Elderly" NIH/NIA
Joseph N. Eisenberg
  • $590,768—"Environmental Change and Diarrheal Disease" NIH/NIAID
Brenda Eskenazi
  • $662,334—"Center for Children's Environmental Health Research" NIEHS
  • $662,334—"Center for Children’s Environmental health Research" EPA
  • $576,852—"Endocrine Disruptors and Neurodevelopmental Outcomes" DHHS/CDC
  • $400,028—"Determinants for Chromosomally Defective Sperm" NIEHS (subcontract of UCB Superfund Project)
  • $304,066—"Female Reproductive Outcomes and TCDD Exposure in Seveso" NIEHS
  • $297,716—"Reducing Pesticide Exposures to Farmworker Children" NIEHS
  • $44,917—"Environmental Prenatal Education Curriculum for Monterey County" TCWF/ Clinical de Salud del Valle de Salinas
Nina Holland
  • $411,470—"Biomarker Laboratory" NIEHS (subcontract of UCB Superfund Project)
Catherine Koshland
  • $238,579—"Combustion Processes: Emission, Monitoring, and Intervention" NIEHS (subcontract of UCB Superfund Project)
  • $202,058—"Graduate Student Research Training" NIEHS (subcontract of UCB Superfund Project)
William W. Nazaroff
  • $34,100—"Quantifying the Exposure Consequences of Distributed Electricity Generation" UC Energy Institute
David Ragland
  • $321,508—"Traffic Center II" CA OTS
  • $100,000—"Alcohol Involved Collision/Victims Reduction Program" CA OTS
  • $97,730—"Pedestrian/Bicycle Safety in a SMART Corridor" Caltrans
  • $41,055—"Latino Traffic Safety Project" CA OTS
Allan H. Smith
  • $381,514—"Arsenic Biomarker Epidemiology" NIEHS (subcontract of UCB Superfund Project)
  • $363,504—"California Nevada Arsenic Lung Cancer Case-Control Study" NIEHS
  • $250,001—"International Research and Training Program in Environmental and Occupational Health" NIH/Fogarty
  • $100,649—"Arsenic in Drinking Water, Pregnancy Outcomes, and Child Development in West Bengal, India" UNICEF
Kirk R. Smith
  • $364,085—"Indoor Air Pollution and Child Acute Respiratory Infections: A Randomized Trial" NIEHS
  • $18,387—"Promotion of Rural Renewable Energy in Western China" China Ag. Univ.
Martyn T. Smith
  • $3,971,763—"Health Effects of Toxic Substances" NIEHS (UCB Superfund, total grant)
  • $326,224—"Molecular Epidemiology of Non-Hodgkins’ Lymphoma" (subcontract of UCSF, NIH/NCI)
  • $358,125—"Biomarkers for Benzene Exposure and Genotoxicity" NIEHS
  • $338,200—"Genetic Susceptibility to Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma" NIH/NCI
  • $50,000—"NFCR Center for Genomics and Nutrition" NFCR
Robert C. Spear
  • $977,554—"Occupational Safety and Health Training Grant-Northern California Education and Research Center" CDC/NIOSH
  • $316,239—"Local Strategies for Schistosomiasis Control" NIH/NIAID
  • $143,934—"Biostatistics and Computing" NIEHS (subcontract of UCB Superfund Project)
  • $20,000—"Developing Training Based Strategies to Prevent Trenching Injuries and Fatalities" CPWR
Ira B. Tager
  • $1,203,437—"Responses to Short-Term Fluctuations in Particulate Air Pollution in Asthmatic Children" Cal EPA/ARB
  • $597,315—"Epidemiology of Aging and Physical Performance" NIH/NIA
  • $527,733—"Healath Promotion and Disease Prevention Research Centers Cooperative" PHS/CDC
  • $523,242—"Effects of Chronic Ozone Exposure on Human Lung Function" NIH/NHLBI
  • $500,000—"Controlling Asthma in American Cities Project-Oakland Kicks Asthma" DHHS/CDC
  • $296,261—"A Pilot Study of Quantify Health Benefits of Incremental Improvements in Air Quality" Cal EPA/ARB
  • $68,982—"Environmental Tobacco Smoke Exposure and Cardiopulmonary Health in the Elderly" (subcontract of UCSF/FAMRI)
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UC Davis ($5,789,364)

Laurel Beckett
  • $20,000—"Prevalence of Fragile X Syndrome" National Fragile X Foundation
  • $100,000—"Biostatistics Core, UC Davis Alzheimers’ Disease Center" NIH/NIA
  • $100,000—"Biostatistics Core, UC Davis Cancer Center Support Grant" NIH/NCI
Alan Buckpitt
  • $305,438—"Lung Injury by Naphalenes" NIEHS
Ellen B. Gold
  • $224,564—"SWAN Sleep Study II" NIH/NIA
  • $15,040—"Mammographic Density in a Multi-Ethnic Cohort" KAISER Foundation
  • $187,654—"CAM Use in Midlife Women in Five Ethnic Groups" NIH/National Center for Complimentary & Alternative Medicine
  • $753,345—"Women’s health Across the Nation" NIH/NIA
  • $153,225—"Women’s Healthy Eating and Living (WHEL) Project" UCSD
  • $50,000—"SWAN Supplement" NIH/NIA
Irva Hertz-Picciotto
  • $18,000—"Banking Biological and Environmental Samples from an Area with Increased Environmental Exposure to PCB's in East Slovakia" USDS
  • $585,643—"Early Childhood Development and PCB Exposures in Slovakia" NIH/NCI
  • $162,893—"Early Childhood Health Effects of Air Pollution" HEI
  • $20,000—"International Society Environmental Epideomiology 2003" NIH
  • $879,576—"Environmental Epidemiology of Autism (CHARGE study)" NIH/NIEHS/MIND Institute
  • $30,000—"Occurrence and Distribution of Autism: A Spatial Analysis" MIND Institute
Kiyoung Lee
  • $17,309—"Secondary Infection by Reuse of Type N95 Respirator" CDC
J. Paul Leigh
  • $20,000—"Estimating preliminary expenditure and enrollment impacts by county of selected changes in medi-cal managed care policy" UC Office of the President
Stephen McCurdy
  • $53,964—"Agricultural Injury Among California Rural High School Students." NIOSH
James Meyers
  • $147,720—"California AgrAbility: Reducing the Impact of Disability Through Accessibility for Farmers and Farm Workers" USDA Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service
J. A. Miles
  • $92,123—"Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders in Plant Nursery Work" AHRQ
  • $215,693—"Ergonomic Partnership to Address Tree Fruit Worker Injury" CDC
  • $20,000—"Stooped Posture in the Workplace" CDC
David M. Rocke
  • $500,000—"UC Davis Center for Digital Security" DAF
  • $125,000—"National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure" UCSD
Marc B. Schenker
  • $68,915—"Study of Paraquat Exposure and Pulmonary Function Among Costa Rican Farmworkers" Syngenta International AG (Including Torrey Mesa Research Institute) Switzerland
  • $27,837—"Determinants of Health and Disease Among Mexican Migrants to California" UC MEXUS
  • $35,000—"2003 Agricultural Health and Safety Conference "Challenges in Agricultural Health and Safety" PHS CDC
  • $3,000—"2003 Agricultural Health and Safety Conference "Challenges in Agricultural Health and Safety" CA Dept. of Pesticide Regulation
  • $857,425—"Center for Agricultural Research, Education, and Disease and Injury Prevention" CDC/NIOSH
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UC San Francisco ($12,192,906)

John R. Balmes
  • $289,221—"Occupational Medicine Residency Training Grant" (subcontract of Northern CA NIOSH ERC)
  • $128,000—"Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units" CDC-ATSDR/AOEC
Paul D. Blanc
  • $613,353—"Adult Asthma: Biology, Society and Environment" NIH
  • $559,664—"Occupational Health Gradients in Hospital Workers" NIH
  • $295,000—"Assessing the Occupational Burden in COPD" NIH
Courtney V. Broaddus
  • $269,670—"Amplification of TRAIL-Induced Apoptosis in Mesothelioma" NIH
Barbara Burgel
  • $45,000—"Community Occupational Health Project (COHP)" TCWF
Mark Eisner
  • $148,031—"Environmental Tobacco Smoke Exposure and Adult Asthma" UC Tobacco-Related Diseases Research Program
  • $121,770—"Asthma Health Outcomes Following Intensive Care" NIH/NHLBI
  • $87,761—"Asthma Health Outcomes Following Intensive Care" NIH-SSA Supplement
  • $165,183—"UCSF Environmental Tobacco Smoke Center of Excellence" FAMRI (sub-project of "Secondhand smoke and COPD")
David J. Erle
  • $675,218—"UCSF/NHLBI Shared Microarray Facility" NIH
Julia A. Faucett
  • $42,636—"UCSF: Tree Fruit Ergonomic Assessment" (subcontract of NIOSH/UC Davis)
Erika S. Froelicher
  • $16,039—"Nurses and Tobacco Control: Becoming Smoke-free" RWJ/UC Los Angeles
Marion Gillen
  • $258,050—"Occupational and Environmental Health Nursing Training Grant" (subcontract of Northern CA NIOSH ERC)
  • $129,367—"Workplace Violence Prevention Program" NIOSH/PHI
  • $34,000—"Sharps Injury Control: Product and Program Evaluation" CDHS
  • $25,000—"Occupational Injuries: Health Effects on Families of the Injured" Center for Health and the Community, UCSF, RWJ Foundation
Robert J. Harrison
  • $61,608—"Barriers to Occupational Injury and Illness Treatment and Prevention Services for Low Wage Workers in California" CDIR
  • $297,984—"Medical Surveillance of Former Department of Energy Workers at the Nevada Test Site" DOE/Boston University
Susan Janson
  • $509,951—"Cueing Patient-Clinician Collaboration to Improve Asthma" NIH/NHLBI
Karen B. King
  • $277,283—"In Vivo Rabbit Model of Finger Musculoskeletal Disorders" NIOSH
Niklas Krause
  • $362,293—"Occupational Physical Activity and Circulatory Diseases" NIOSH
Kathryn A. Lee
  • $457,561—"Nursing Research Training in Symptom Management" NIH
David M. Rempel
  • $332,279—"Collaborative Study of Workplace Musculoskeletal Disorders" NIOSH
  • $216,150—"A Model for Wrist and Elbow Musculoskeletal Disorders" NIOSH
  • $99,469—"RERC on Accessible Medical Instrumentation" DOE/Marquette University
  • $69,635—"Ergonomic Interventions for Garment Work" NIOSH/UC Los Angeles
  • $26,535—"Ergonomics Training Grant" (subcontract of Northern CA NIOSH ERC)
  • $23,849—"Bakery Shelf Stocking Intervention Study" NIOSH
Dean Sheppard
  • $1,901,866—"Interactions of Lymphocytes, Cytokines and Airway Cells" NIH
  • $1,555,968—"The NHLBI-Bay Area Functional Genomics Consortium" NIH/NHLBI
  • $378,750—"In Vivo Function of Pulmonary Integrins" NIH
  • $340,875—"Role of a Neutrophil Integrin in Lung Inflammation" NIH
Colin Solomon
  • $258,125—"Airway Responses Following Chlorine Gas Exposure" NIH
Craig Steinmaus
  • $121,435—"Mentored Training in Research on Arsenic" NIH
Mary C. White
  • $1,087,548—"Clinical Trial of Short Course vs. INH for LTBI in Jail" NIH (Combination of Initial funding and secondary funding in 03-04).
Edward H. Yelin
  • $366,585—"Emerging Health Care System and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)" AHRQ
  • $100,000—"The Prevalence and Impact of Managed Care on Persons with SLE" NAF
  • $18,000—"Multiple Jeopardies in the California Labor Market: The Conjoint Roll of Disability, Race, Gender, and Age" UC Inst for Labor and Employment
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Funding Key:

AOEC—Association of Occupational and Environmental Clinics
ARB—Air Resources Board
AHRQ—Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
ATSDR—Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
Cal EPA—California Environmental Protection Agency
CA OTS—CA Office of Traffic Safety
CDC—Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
CDHS—California Department of Health Services
CDIR—California Department of Industrial Relations
CPWR—Center to Protect Workers' Rights
DAF—Department of the Air Force
DHHS—Department of Health and Human Services
DOL—Department of Labor
DOE—Department of Energy
EPA—U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
EPRI—Electric Power Research Institute
ERC—NIOSH funded Education and Research Center
FAMRI—Flight Attendants Medical Research Institute
HEI—Health Effects Institute
MIND—Medical Investigations of Neurodevelopmental Disorders
NAF—National Arthritis Foundation
NCI—National Cancer Institute
NFCR—National Foundation for Cancer Research
NHLBI—National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
NIA—National Institute on Aging
NIAID—National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
NIAMS—National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases
NIEHS—National Inst of Environmental Health Sciences
NIH—National Institutes of Health
NIOSH—National Inst for Occupational Safety and Health
OSHA—Occupational Safety and Health Administration
PHI—Public Health Institute
PHS—Public Health Service
RWJ—Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
SBCTC—State Building and Construction Trades Council of California
Superfund—NIEHS funded Superfund Basic Research Program
TCWF—The California Wellness Foundation
UARP—University-wide AIDS Research Project
UCB—University of California, Berkeley
UCD—University of California, Davis
UCLA—University of California, Los Angeles
UC MEXUS—University of California Institute for Mexico and the United States
UCSD—University of California, San Diego
UCSF—University of California, San Francisco
UNICEF—United Nations Children’s Fund
USDS—United States Department of State
USDA—United States Department of Agriculture
WERF—Water Environment Research Foundation
WOSHTEP—Workers’ Occupational Safety and Health Training and Education Program
WRCB—Water Resource Control Board
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