What is COEH?

Is it part of UC?
Yes. The Center for Occupational & Environmental Health is a UC teaching, research and service program.
Is it a department?
No. COEH is an organization housed in multiple departments linking faculty and students in Public Health, Nursing, Medicine and Engineering.
Who is COEH?
The director is John Balmes, MD (UCSF/UCB). In 1980, 15 faculty FTE were funded plus support staff. Today there are 60 affiliated faculty.
Does COEH have students?
Yes. At UCB there are Public Health and Engineering graduate students. At UCD there are pidemiology and Biological & Agricultural Engineering graduate students. At UCSF there are Medical Fellows, residents and graduate students in Nursing.
Do I need to apply?
Not to COEH. You must apply and be admitted to a graduate academic degree program and specialize in or conduct a project in occupational or environmental health (from the perspective of any discipline).
Where Are COEH programs located?
UC Berkeley: Environmental Health, Epidemiology, Labor & Community Outreach, and Continuing Education. UC Davis: Epidemiology, Biological & Agricultural Engineering. UC San Francisco: Occupational & Environmental Medicine and Occupational & Environmental Health Nursing. Joint UCSF/UCB: Ergonomics Program.
What does COEH offer students and residents?
Financial support—NIOSH training grant (for industrial hygiene, ergonomics, medicine & nursing students); research assistantship (see currently funded research projects); the COEH Student Project Award; interdisciplinary research projects; clinic-based training; community projects; and social/scientific gatherings.
How can I benefit from COEH?
Receive a NIOSH Traineeship. Apply for a COEH project award (look for the Fall proposal announcement). Identify faculty and students who share your interests. Seek a research assistantship. Take a Continuing Education course (offered throughout the year). Visit COEH's Labor Occupational Health Program and get involved in a service project such as their Young Worker Training & Resource Center. Participate in one of the clinics operated by COEH. Attend the biannual COEH get-together. Attend the COEH Annual Symposium.
How do I become part of COEH?
If you are studying to prevent injury and illness resulting from workplace or community exposures, you are part of COEH.
How do I learn more about COEH?
Checkout COEH at a glance. Read the COEH newsletter Bridges.