COEH Student Project Award

Year Student(s) Program Project

14-15 Erika Garcia EPI Defining the Scope and Identifying the Optimal Focus of an Optimal Health Study Among Brick Kiln Workers in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal

14-15 Jason Speaks OEHN Behaviors related to Household Air Polution (HAP) from Cooking Fires and Tobacco Smoke: An Exploratory Study

14-15 Kate Vavra-Mussen OEHN Practices and Specific Health Outcomes in Slef-Sustaining Agricultural Workers in Southern India

13-14 Jacqueline Barkowski UC Davis COEH Materinal Use of Pyrethroid/Pyrethrin-Based Horse Care PRoducts and Child Development Outcomes

12-13 Fraser Gaspar IH Environmental Exposure to DDT and Pyrethroids from Indoor Residual Spraying and Increased Time to Pregnancy

11-12 None    

10-11 Devina Kuo   Assessment of Fieldworkers and Midwives in Indoor Air Pollution (IAP) Perceptions in Guatemala

10-11 Ruiling Liu   Venues in Beijing, China After a Two-Year Implementation of Smoking Restriction

09-10 Andrew Slocombe   Investigation of coliform bacteria in the drinking water of highland communities in rural Guatemala.

08-09 Pei-Yi Ko ERGO Effects of Focus and Fixation Demands on Developing Visual Symptons From Text Viewing on Computer Monitors

08-09 David Dauphine IH In utero and Childhood Exposure to Aresenic in Drinking Water and Lifelong Lung Function Decrements

08-09 Karen Phung IH  

08-09 Josh Gruber IH  

08-09 Linda Dix-Cooper IH  

07-08 Carissa Harris-Adamson IH Workplace factors in wrist tendinosis among blue collar workers: The San Francisco Study. Comparison of variousm easures of force and repetition

07-08 Sa Liu IH Characterization of Manganese Exposure in Welding Processes



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