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COEH Student Project Award

Year Student(s) Program Project
07-08 Carissa Harris IH Workplace factors in wrist tendinosis among blue collar workers: The San Francisco Study. Comparison of variousm easures of force and repetition
Sa Liu IH Characterization of Manganese Exposure in Welding Processes
08-09 Pei-Yi Ko ERGO Effects of Focus and Fixation Demands on Developing Visual Symptons From Text Viewing on Computer Monitors
David Dauphine IH In uteroand Childhood Exposure to Aresenic in Drinking Water and Lifelong Lung Function Decrements
Karen Phung IH  
Josh Gruber IH  
Linda Dix-Cooper IH Chronic Low Level Carbon Monoxide Exposure and Children's Development
09-10 Andrew Slocombe   Investigation of coliform bacteria in the drinking water of highland communities in rural Guatemala
10-11 Devina Kuo   Assessment of Fieldworkers and Midwives in Indoor Air Pollution (IAP) Perceptions in Guatemala
Ruiling Liu   Venues in Beijing, China After a Two-Year Implementation of Smoking Restriction
11-12 None    
12-13 Fraser Gaspar IH Environmental Exposure to DDT and Pyrethroids from Indoor Residual Spraying and Increased Time to Pregnancy
13-14 Jacqueline Barkowski   Materinal Use of Pyrethroid/Pyrethrin-Based Horse Care PRoducts and Child Development Outcomes

Erika Garcia

EPI Defining the Scope and Identifying the Optimal Focus of an Optimal Health Study Among Brick Kiln Workers in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
Jason Speaks OEHN Behaviors related to Household Air Polution (HAP) from Cooking Fires and Tobacco Smoke: An Exploratory Study
Vavra-Mussen OEHN Practices and Specific Health Outcomes in Slef-Sustaining Agricultural Workers in Southern India



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