University of California

2016 Lela Morris COEH Symposium:

The Changing World of Work: How the Gig Economy* Impacts Occupational Safety and Health

Friday, May 6, 2016, 9 AM to 4 PM

David Brower Center
2150 Allston Way, Berkeley, CA 94704

*Contracted Farm Laborers, Independent Contractors, Contingent Workers, and Temporary Workers

In this symposium, an exciting panel of speakers will provide an overview of how the changing world of work – the new contingent workforce, widening income inequality, and effects on the labor movement – are impacting occupational safety and health.

Specific California topics will be covered, including temporary and subcontracted workers in the state, farm workers as contingent workers, and the Cal/OSHA perspective about contingent workers. 

A panel will discuss the impact of the changing workforce from the perspective of a staffing agency, a union, and a sharing economy business, along with a discussion of contingent workers and workers’ compensation.

Featured speakers are Lenny Mendonca (Director Emeritus of McKinsey & Company) and John Howard (Director of NIOSH).


8:50 AM
Introductions and Overview of the Day
John Balmes, COEH Director, UC Berkeley

9:00 AM
Keynote Presentation: Overview of the Changing World of Work – the New Contingent Workforce, the Widening Income Inequality, and the Effects on the Labor Movement
Lenny Mendonca, Director Emeritus of McKinsey & Company

9:30 AM
Keynote Presentation: The Implications of the Changing World of Work on Occupational Safety and Health
John Howard, Director of NIOSH

10:00 AM
A Conversation with Lenny Mendonca and John Howard
Moderator: John Balmes, COEH Director, UC Berkeley

10:30 AM

10:45 AM
The California Experience

  • Problems with Temporary and Subcontracted Work in California
    Miranda Dietz, UCB Labor Center
  • California Farm Workers as Contingent Workers
    Cynthia Rice, CA Rural Legal Assistance
  • The Cal/OSHA Perspective
    Juliann Sum, Chief, Cal OSHA, Division of Occupational Health and Safety

Questions and Answers from the Audience
Moderator: Robin Baker, COEH, UC Berkeley

11:45 AM
Lunch - on your own

1:15 PM
Panel Discussion: Understanding the Health and Safety Issues Related to the Contingent Workforce
Moderator: Suzanne Teran, LOHP, UC Berkeley

  • The Staffing Agency Perspective
    Scott Bicksler, Aerotek Staffing Agency
  • The Union Perspective on Temporary Workers
    Maria Noel Fernandez, Working Partnerships
  • The Gig Economy
    David Mack, Lyft
  • Workers Compensation and Contingent Workers
    Michael Foley, WA State SHARP program

2:45 PM

3:00 PM
Panel Discussion with the Day's Speakers: Where Do We Go From Here? Opportunities for Collaborative Research, Education, Policy, and Action
Moderator: John Balmes, COEH Director, UC Berkeley

3:50 PM
Closing with John Balmes, COEH Director, UC Berkeley

4:00 - 6:00 PM
COEH Get Together

Faculty and Students: $15.00
State/Local Government Agencies and Non-Profits: $15.00
Others: $50.00

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David Brower Center
2150 Allston Way, Berkeley, CA 94704

The David Browner Center is one of the most advanced green buildings in the Bay Area. The center is centrally located in Downtown Berkeley and is just one block east of the Downtown Berkeley BART station.

Garage parking is available on an hourly and daily basis at the Oxford Garage: 2161 Kittredge Street, Berkeley, CA 94707 (enter on 2161 Kittredge Street between Shattuck and Oxford) and at the Allston Way Garage: 2061 Allston Way, Berkeley, CA 94707 (between Shattuck and Milvia Street).

Street parking is also available on all streets surrounding the David Brower Center. Streets are metered until  6:00 PM daily.

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The 2016 Lela Morris COEH Symposium Save the Date Flyer (pdf)

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