Welcome to the University of California, San Francisco, Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit (UCSF PEHSU).

We are part of a network across North America dedicated to providing expertise on the connection between children’s health and the environment. Children are uniquely vulnerable to environmental contaminants because they are still developing and their behavior can expose them more hazards. The UCSF PEHSU aims to reduce these risks by providing training for health professionals, offering consultations to families and communities, and developing educational resources on environmental health issues that affect children.

This site connects information and resources on a variety of environmental health topics and describes current activities of the UCSF PEHSU.

PEHSU: Informtion for Clinical Professionals

UCSF PEHSU exists to improve the recognition and management of environmental health problems among children. This page contains information relevant to clinicians regarding the latest research and recommendations relevant to protecting children from specific environmental contaminants. We also provide educational resources for clinicians to further explore the impacts of the environment on children’s health.

PEHSU: Informational for the General Public

This site provides information on protecting families from harmful environmental exposures. Our resources include articles, videos, and factsheets on specific environmental health topics. These pages also connect to additional resources and organizations focusing on children’s environmental health.

PEHSU and Related News
PSR: Childhood Cancer and the Environment
July 2014
Physicians for Social Responsibility’s latest Environmental Health Policy Institute looks at the ways children are exposed to harmful environmental chemicals which may cause cancer and the need to focus our policies, healthcare and research on prevention. PEHSU Director, Mark Miller, is featured.
SF Gate: Experts Say Deal With Mold Before Health Issues Arise
April 2014
Experts Say Deal With Mold Before Health Issues Arise
UCSF PEHSU Director Mark Miller is is quoted in the latest SFGate article on the affects of mold and the importance of dealing with water leaks in homes quickly to avoid mold growth.
Dr. Marya Zlatnik
April 2014
We are pleased to welcome Dr. Marya Zlatnik, MD, MMS to the UCSF PEHSU team. Dr. Zlatnik is a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist and Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology, & Reproductive Sciences at UCSF, and the first PEHSU staff nationally representing her specialty. She will serve as the UCSF PEHSU Associate Director for Maternal Fetal Health and the Environment Program. Read more about the UCSF PEHSU team.

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