UCSF PEHSU: Fact Sheets for the General Public

The PEHSU Network has prepared a series of fact sheets on emerging environmental health topics. These fact sheets provide useful information for parents and family members on protecting children from these hazards, their potential health effects, and where to go for more information.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Children: Guidance for Disaster Events (pdf) - July 2013

Information on Arsenic in Food (pdf) - October 2012

Chelation Therapy Guidance for the General Public (pdf) - May 2012

Recommendations Regarding Return of Children to Areas Impacted by Flooding and/or Hurricanes (pdf) - August 2011

Information on Natural Gas Extraction and Hydraulic Fracturing: Information for Parents and Community Members (pdf) - August 2011

Advisory about Chinese Drywall (pdf) - April 2011

Health Risks of Wildfires for Children (Parents) – Acute Phase (pdf) - updated August 2011
Riesgos a la Salud de los Niños por los Incendios Forestales - Fase Aguda (pdf)- August 2009

Environmental Hazards for Children in the Aftermath of Wildfires - for Parents (pdf) - updated August 2011
Peligros Medioambientales para los Niños a Consecuencia de los Incendios Forestales (pdf) - August 2009

Advisory about Gulf Oil Spill, for Patients (pdf) - August 2010
Advisory about Gulf Oil Spill for Patients, Vietnamese (pdf) - August 2010

Mercury Poisoning: Mercury in Skin Creams (links to the California Department of Public Health) - May 2010

Advisory about Phthalates and Bisphenol A, for Consumers (pdf) - March 2014
Guía Sobre Plásticos más Seguros para los Padres: Ftalatos y Bisfenol A (pdf) - updated October 2008