Residency Program

Our OEM training program is multidisciplinary, including extensive interactions with students in occupational and environmental health nursing, industrial hygiene, and ergonomics. An industrial hygienist and occupational health nurse practitioners are an integral part of the multidisciplinary staff at the UCSF Mt. Zion Occupational Health Clinic, with a shared responsibility for training industrial hygiene and occupational health nursing students. Information resources include libraries with extensive holdings and the latest in information technology.

Salary and Benefits
UCSF provides a competitive salary and health benefits to its postgraduate trainees. The salary and benefits package includes:

More information about the health benefits package, diversity programs and living in the Bay Area is available at:

Who Should Apply
Physicians who have had primary care training (usually internal medicine, family medicine, emergency medicine) and are interested in opportunities for academic, government, or community careers in occupational and environmental medicine. Physicians who have only completed a clinical postgraduate year (PGY 1), but who have a demonstrated strong commitment to occupational or environmental medicine will also be considered. Combined training programs with pulmonary medicine and with medical toxicology are also available.

For answers to common questions about who should apply, please see our FAQs section