May 4th & 5th, 2018: Lela Morris Symposium

COEH Builds Bridges: Four Decades of Progress in the California Workplace 

Save the date, May 4th and 5th for the 2018 Lela Morris Symposium at UC Davis, CA

For the last 40 years research from COEH has developed new knowledge and helped to shape state policy. COEH’s service to the community has provided education and trainings that have helped to protect vulnerable workers, prevented injury and promoted health and safety in California’s workplaces.

Yet we face more challenges ahead: climate change is affecting human health, and as temperature rises and air pollution increasingly affect human health we need to be ready to protect our workforce. Social disparities and the changing world of work impact vulnerable Californians. Musculoskeletal disorders persist as a considerable burden with enormous cost financially, and in terms of job performance and quality of life for those affected.

The work of COEH’s researchers, the health and safety professionals who graduate from COEH programs, and the services that our programs provide will continue to be as necessary as ever as we face our future together.